Crafty evolution

December 2002. Scrapbooking
For Christmas, my mom gave me a scrapbooking kit. Little did she know or I know that this would become a very addicting hobby as I love to buy pretty paper and supplies.

April 2003. Cardmaking
This kind of fell hand in hand with scrapbooking since a lot of the same supplies are used.

August 2003. Photography
I realized there were a lot of missing events I couldn't scrapbook because I didn't have pictures. For my 30th birthday (prior to the now ever affordable digital age), I bought my first automatic SLR. As the years have past, my arsenal has since grown to include digital.

January 2010. Crocheting
Crocheting didn't really evolve from scrapbooking. I don't really know what gave me the desire to learn, but after a few lessons via YouTube, I was hooked. I soon realized this was one hobby that I could easily take along with me on road trips (without having to finish the art at home, like photography).

Someday. Knitting
For Christmas 2010, I requested and received knitting needles. I have only taken the time once to learn without any luck. I hope to learn someday though.

Maybe. Sewing
I admire patterns, as well as all the pretty fabric out there, but I know I don't need another hobby. So I have been avoiding buying a sewing machine...for now :)