Friday, February 3, 2017

Harry Potter books Layout (way way back Flashback Friday)

A few weeks ago, I met up with my good friends, Liz and Jossie, for a Harry Potter themed craft day.

Want to know a secret?  Since we were having too much fun chatting and eating and shopping and getting the room ready for craft day, we didn't craft much ahahahaha!

I had planned on working on a layout of when I recieved the 7th Harry Potter book in the 2007!  Yeah, I am behind sometimes...

After I came home with all my craft bags still packed, I decided to work on that layout at home.

I had kept the box the book came in all this time ("After all these years? Always..." ok, you have to be a Harry Potter fan to get that--haha) and I finally used parts of it.

Items used...a library card, my typewriter, Kelly Purkey's Harry Potter stamp, and some book washi I had.

Another secret?  I first did this layout totally different, but it was way too busy (I mean even this one has a lot on it)...I hated the first layout, so I started over...I have absolutely no problem redoing layouts that I hate :D  Here is the horrid first try.

Sorry your eyes are burning now!  ha ha ha.  Thank you for reading!


  1. hahaha Linda you are so funny! Love that you re-do your pages! I don't even get to starting my pages. I loved that you held on to the box it was so perfect for your layout!

  2. As a huge HP fan I get that quote (::sniff, sniff, tear::) and... I love this layout! I loved the first "draft" also, but yes the second one is the better of the 2!


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