Sunday, November 27, 2016

December Daily 2015

Since I finished the album in February, I figured I would wait until later in the year to share my album from last year.

This was the first time I did a "true" December Daily.  Technically, I did a December Daily in 2012 which was part of my Project Life Album and I did a Smash Book type December album in 2014 which wasn't daily.

I told myself I would never do it again, because really, who does something "Christmasy" every single day and you can only tell the story of your decor so many times before it is like "ok, I know that story!" haha.  But then I seen the new December Daily stuff from Ali's site and I had to buy some!!  Plus I have so much Christmas stuff to use.  So I may do December Daily, but I may only document the 12 or so days my kids will be home.

With completed albums like this, I really think a video is the best way to show it off :)

Please excuse my fogginess...I have no idea why I forgot a few words.  This was the 3rd video of the day...I was brain is old...the list goes on and on.  I thought about reshooting it, but I figured I would have just fumbled on other words haha.

Thank you for watching.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

December Daily(ish) 2014

In 2013, I had to have this Smashbook, but didn't use it.  Since I really need to use what I buy, I decided to use it to document my December in 2014.

I opted not to take photos daily 2014, but rather used the whole album as a snapshot of our whole month.  Since the Smashbook doesn't allow you to move the papers around, I stepped out of my comfort zone and scrapbooked them out of order.

Hopefully a video of the album is easier to watch instead of seeing a bunch of pictures that go on and on forever in the post.

Thanks for watching!

I go back and forth whether I like to "vlog" or not because I always fumble my words, but sometimes when sharing a whole album it is just easier I think.