Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Take me to the Beach...

Each summer, my mom and I like to take the girl cousins (her granddaughters/my nieces and daughter) to the beach.  There are currently 5 of them, but 1 is only 2 years old, so we only took 4 of the 5 girls to the beach.

I had recently found and bought a Polaroid camera for $10 at the Antique Faire and wanted to try it out.  Since Polaroid discounted the film for the cameras, I found that a company, Impossible, now makes the film...although pricey, it is still fun to use.  We used all 8 exposures on our trip to the beach.

I know it is kinda busy with all the patterns and such, but I like all the colors in the layout.

I had taken a photo of all 8 of the Polaroids in the sand to post on Instagram.  I then let my mom and the 3 older girls take their favorite Polaroid home.

The "Going on an Adventure" tag is from Amy Tangerine's Stitched-Jump Stitch.  The "A Day at the Beach" stamp is from Ali Edwards Beach stamp set.  The background paper is Dear Lizzy's Happy Place-Beachy Betsy.

I had subscribed to the Studio Calico Stationery kit for a couple of months and the "June 2016" card came with one of the kits.  I stamped "Friday" with the Amy Tangerine's Oh Happy Life roller stamp.  The "Life is better in Flip Flops" is from Kaisercrafts Sandy Toes stamp set.

This envelope was also from the June Studio Calico Scout Stationery kit.  I used the We R Memory Keepers typecast teal ribbon to type all of our names in the 'sky'.  The ampersand is from the Project Life Value kit Notes & Things (I think)

I used Amy Tangerine Stitched-Applique, Amy Tangerine Stitched-Bobbin, and Amy Tangerine Stitched-Thrifted papers to layer the photos on.  The "so love the sound of the waves" is from the Ali Edwards Beach stamp set.  The camera paper clip is from American Crafts.  The "shine" bit is from Webster's Pages These Are the Days-June.

I think I got this wooden tag from Michaels--the glitter was already on the tag.  The "California" and "girls" is from a discounted Kelly Purkey stamp set.  The hearts are from the Amy Tangerine's Oh Happy Life roller stamp

The journal tag is from Amy Tangerine Sketchbook bits pack.  

So we didn't take my youngest niece, Max, to the beach with us because she is two.  Later, my mom texted me to tell me that she had drawn all over one of the Polaroid photos.  I found it too funny and I like to think she was mad that she wasn't able to have a beach day with us :)

This "Polaroid" bit from Maggie Holmes Confetti ephemera pack was perfect for this layout.

I hope my links help you find any of the products...I do not get any thing for linking any of the products.  I am actually not sure if I am going to link in the future since it takes a while to find some of the items since a lot of the stuff I use is older.

Thank you for looking!


  1. Linda! So sweet! I love the annual Trip! I especially love the baby drawing on the Polaroid ! Super great layout! Great photo of all photos in the sand!! Heart it all!

  2. I love the layout; I don't think it's busy at all!!! Very full of color and "fun"!! But I have a question, excuse me for being slow, LOL... if you scrapped all the photos how were they able to each take one home?
    BTW - I want a polaroid camera, but I don't think I would be able to deal w/ not knowing what the photo was going to look like before it developed ...
    Also I'm right there w/ you on the "linking" problem! I used to link products also, but it took up too much time, time that could be spent better on other things...

    1. Thank you!

      The pack of film came with 8 photos. I only scrapbooked 4 of them --the other 4 were given out :) Sorry...sometimes my writing makes sense in my head--haha

      If they would make an Instax Printer that was bigger, I'd totally buy one to print photos from my phone, but I understand the anxiety of the unknown. I guess you just have to be able to embrace the blurriness and discoloration.

      Thank you for understanding the linking problem :D I suppose if I was getting paid, then there is a need, but since I am not, people can just google the stuff I use--haha :D

  3. Oh duh, no you explained it correctly, I just can't do math (apparently)... which is bad since I'm the supervisor of Payroll, LOL!


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