Sunday, September 18, 2016

Long Beach Mini Album

**quick note...I link a lot of the supplies, but I do not get paid from any one to link these :)

Back in April, my husband and I went to visit my daughter in Long Beach for a couple of days.  I have really embraced making mini albums of our quick trips.

When I got home, I put all the receipts and such aside...seriously, I do not know how I accumulate so many pieces of things on a 2 1/2 day trip!

In May, I met up with Jossie and Liz for a craft day and I made myself limit the supplies I was going to use on this mini album and I left the house with only 1 bag!!!!  woo hoo!

Here are the supplies I limited myself to use:

For roller stamps, I closed my eyes and picked a few roller stamps that I had to use...Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go, Maggie Holmes Shine, Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste, and Jennifer Garner-We Made It (exclusive at Joann-no longer available)...after I decided I was definitely going to need and use the time roller stamp from Ali that came along with me as well.  Later, I went back to my basket and pulled out the Jasmine Jones Foodie stamp.  During the trip, I had bought 2 more roller stamps from Typo, so I decided to use those as well...but those I just stamped to show on my page about buying them :D

For the washi and stickers, I closed my eyes and pulled out just a few:  
The red hearts washi is from the Dollar Tree
The lime green has white dots I don't know from where
I think the rainbow diagonal stripes came in a Studio Calico Project Life kit
I don't know where the red/white washi came from 
and the "Tickets" are from Shimelle  

The stickers are Dear Lizzy Fine and Dandy, Typo, and Amy Tangerine Better Together.  I also pulled out 4 sheets of letter stickers--I don't think I used them all.

Stamps were a bit harder just to pick willy nilly, so I just took a few that would work with my album.  Amy Tangerine, Ali Edwards, and a Kelly Purkey exclusive California set that is no longer available.  I later used a Kelly Purkey Bright Ideas stamp that is not pictured for the lines to write on.  I also used an older Close to My Heart baseball set not pictured.

I tried to just take the basic stamp pads along.  3 Hero Arts Ombre pads (they stain the stamps and acrylic blocks!) and 3 Close to My Heart stamp pads.

Here is the mini album I started with from American Crafts.

 I used a few papers from 2 older Michaels paper stack pad.

I printed all the photos in the album with either the LG Portable Printer or the Pringo.  Both can be used with the iPhone, but the quality isn't that excellent.

And a few other embellishments.

And they all fit into 1 bag...sometimes I take too much stuff to crops and it is overwhelming.  Of course I didn't finish the album that day, but when I came home, I limited myself to stick to what was in the bag to finish the album.

Since there are already so many photos in this post, I decided do a video to show the finished product.

I will note that I first made a video with my 2008 Pentax Optio camera and the sound was sounded like a ghost was in the background making I used my iPhone 6 and I am so happy with the quality...not only was the sound way better, but I think the quality was much better as well.

Thank you for getting to the end and watching!


  1. Linda! Props on the video!!! So professional I love it!! I know I always say this but you we're my first Instagram friend!!! ❤️ I feel like you know everything scrapbook ! So happy I have you and Liz as my craft besties!!!

    1. Thank you :) I am so glad to have met you too! I have so much fun at crops with you girls! Too bad it can't be every weekend ahahaha :D (dang families! haha--just kidding!)


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