Saturday, January 9, 2016

Altered Clipboard

Years ago...nearly a decade ago...I altered a clipboard.  At the time, my husband was coaching my son's baseball team and I was the forever team mom.  I used it for years but the last few years it was just wasting space in my craft room...I didn't know what to do with it...I didn't need any longer.

I finally tossed it...I let go...I decluttered...

But I'd still like to share.

Here is the back.  I love this photo I took of my son's cleats on a muddy day.  I used patterned paper and modge podged over it.  I don't care for Modge Podge--it is always sticky for me.  There used to be a couple of other photos of my kids stuck to the back as well which I took off a few years ago, I don't remember why.

On the top, I had these circle tags which had photos of my son, my daughter (playing softball), and my nephew (who also played for my husband) and on the back I drew baseballs--again they were Modge Podged.

Since the front was mostly covered, I didn't do anything was sticky though...there is a spot where paper was stuck to it.

It was useful and it did it's job...but it was time to (as Elsa says) "Let it Go!"...

Thank you for looking!!!  Hope to inspire you to make a clipboard if you need one :D