Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reading Challenge (final 2015 update)

I just finished my last book of the year.  This year I read 45 books!!!  So CRAZY.  After July (my 12 book-month), I was burnt out on reading.  But from August through December, I read 10 more books.  Still a lot, but there were times I had ebooks check out and never read them.  But so is life :)

For the 2015 Challenge, I read 36 of the 52 books.  And you know what?  I am ok with that.  I am not sure if I would do that type of challenge again because some of the items just weren't my cup of tea.  But I did enjoy reading this past year and I already have a book (or 2) already checked out to read...this year I am going to try audiobooks and listen in the car.  We will see how that goes since I tend to get distracted.

So onto my final post book post this year...

~"A book with more than 500 pages"--Grey...ok, don't judge me.  I am the type of person that has to see what everyone is talking about.  The original trilogy made me sad...I was part of the small percentage that felt it was kind of an abusive relationship.  Why did I read all 3 books then?  Because I had to finish it.  I am also the type of person that has to watch a movie until the end even though it sucks :)  This book though made me feel sorry for Christian and I am glad the author wrote his side of the story...he was truly a tortured soul until he met Anastasia.  
ETA: ok, I just watched the movie and I take it back...I do not feel sorry for "Christian"...he is so mentally abusive...I cannot believe how popular this series is/was to women...maybe I just don't get that whole S&M thing--haha.

~"A book that came out the year you were born"--Sybil.  This one was truly hard for me to get through.  It was sad and maybe because it was written in 1973, but I had to "make" myself finish it...see I don't like the "check-off this genre" type challenge :)

~"A book set in the Future"--The Edge of Forever.  This one was ok.  It tried to be like Divergent, but missed the mark for me at least.  I don't think I will read the books to follow in this series.

~"A nonfiction book"--Wildflower.  I just finished this book about an hour ago.  I love Drew Barrymore and it was nice to read how she came into herself in spite of her upbringing.  I asked for this book for Christmas and the only reason it took me a week to finish was because my husband asked on the first day "you aren't going to finish it in one day are you?"  I guess not ha ha :D

~"A book you own but never read"--In Her Shoes.  My mom gave me this book and it sat on my shelf forever.  I finally got into it and it wasn't too bad.  Then I found it on tv and rewatched the movie :)

~"A book you started but never finished"--Mistress.  I am a huge James Patterson fan, but this one just couldn't keep my interest.  I started this book 3 times in the past, but finally got myself to finish it this time around.

So yay...the challenge is over and it got me to read more than I have in forever.  I loved it.

Other books I read outside the challenge this year...

Emmy & Oliver--This must have been recommended because I read PaperTowns.  It was a cute book, but sad at the same time.

The Boy Most Likely to  I liked Huntley's first book that I read for this Challenge and this one was cute as well.  I think I am going to try and stay away from Young Adult Fiction next year...they are cute, but I think I got my fill this year :)

Still Alice--I seen the movie on HBO, so I talked my co-worker into reading this one with me.  I liked the movie but while reading the book I kept comparing the parts that weren't in the movie.  I think the book was written much better.

In January of this year (2015), my co-worker and I read a bunch of books from Susan Elizabeth Phillips--One I used for the challenge, the other 3 were: Call Me Irresistible, First Lady, and What I did for Love.  We were in a romance stage of our book club, but after the first 2, the others were the same ol' recipe for a romance book and it got tiresome.

Well there you have it...Hope I can help you find some books for the new year (or ones to stay clear from haha)

Thank you for reading.  I hope to blog more (as I always say) in the New Year and I hope most of my posts will be crafty.


  1. Yay for all your reading! I just finished Wildflower and love Drew Barrymore even more than before : )

  2. So much to say...
    First did great!

    On to your books: I didn't read any of the "grey" books "fifty shades" or otherwise. I tried to read the first "Fifty Shades" and it was written so horribly I couldn't go on! And once I read/heard more about it, the more I also thought it was a Domestic Abuse relationship and I was not okay w/ that. I also don't get the hype...women be cray-cray! LOL!

    I don't think I could handle "Sybil" so I think you're brave for reading/finishing it.

    I wouldn't mind reading "Wildflower" I love autobiographies by celebs, but it's low on my list... I need to read Mindy Kaling's 2nd book, "Why Not Me" first!

    Saw the movie "In Her Shoes". liked it, but haven't read it.

    Read the book "Still Alice", liked it, but haven't watched the movie.

    I love YA so I may read "Emmy and Oliver".

    Mostly this year I'm trying my best to read books that I get from Book Bub that are Free, or at most, $1.99.

    So far I have quite a list from doing that! And I love have the flexibility of genre that I didn't have last year!

    I'm currently reading my 3rd book of the year.

    after this, only 9 more to go!


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