Friday, November 13, 2015

Road Trip (destination-Kirkwood, CA) Mini Album

Last month, my husband and I embarked on a road trip.  The destination was Kirkwood, CA for a wedding.  We took "the long way 'round--The one with the prettiest of views, It's got mountains, it's got rivers, It's got sights to give you shivers"...

Initially, I thought Kirkwood was by Lake Tahoe which is near Reno which is where my son goes to school--so I was like "let's take Friday off and visit him after he gets out of school at 2pm".  Well Kirkwood is a little further than I thought it was (as you can tell we are not skiers-haha), but we were still closer to my son, so we took the long scenic route to our destination.

We got on the road early so that we could stop in Auburn, CA.  Every time we go up to Reno, I see the Historic Auburn sign and every time we don't stop for one reason or another (and we never want to stop anywhere on the way home :D ).

Once on the road, my husband reminded me that I hadn't gotten the couple a present--oops.  I was all for getting a gift certificate and a card, but he wanted buy them something off their registry.  The problem was the only Crate and Barrel on the way was in Roseville and they didn't open until 10am.  This changed our initial plan to eat breakfast in Auburn and we ate at Mimi's Cafe in Roseville instead while we waited for the mall to open.  My husband was not happy with our meal choice since he loves breakfast and isn't a fan of Mimi's.  But he survived.

We finally got to Old Town Auburn and it was a cute town, but we didn't buy anything.  We still had some time before having to get back on the road, so we stopped in Downtown Auburn (same town--down a few blocks) and walked around that section.  We got some candy from a candy shop...seen a closed old-fashion drugstore through the window...and my husband got a haircut from a barber shop.

Finally, we got to Reno around 2 and because I didn't communicate with my son very clearly, we only had about an hour to spend with him since he had plans from 3:30-6.  We took him to a late lunch/early dinner.  We could have stayed and visited with him after his plans, but I wanted to get to Kirkwood in the daylight since we had never driven those roads before.

It was a beautiful drive and I was able to step onto the Pacific Crest Trail before the sunset.

The next day, was the wedding, but it wasn't until 3pm.  There wasn't anything near were we were staying so we drove about an hour to eat breakfast (the most important meal for my husband).  And then we drove an hour back.  Which I suppose wasn't too bad since there wasn't anything to do at the Kirkwood Resort anyway (it was off season and every shop/restaurant in the resort was closed).

The wedding was beautiful in the middle of the woods at a place call The HideOut.  Luckily, there was a shuttle to drive us because it was 30 minutes away and part of the road was a one-way dirt road.

Sunday, we woke up and just drove home (1 stop to eat the most important meal of the day).  I told my husband the day before not to let me drink so much...but I still drank way too much...I am too old for hangovers!

Since I stopped reading so much, I have actually been scrapbooking a lot more :D I am happy to get this Road Trip mini album completed.

Instead of posting all the photos of my album, I did another slideshow.

Thank you for viewing.


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