Sunday, October 25, 2015

Florida 2012 (#8-Final)

It has taken a while, but I finally finished my Florida Smash book. I was on a mission to just complete my journaling for the last day of this trip--whoo hoo. Sometimes you just need to force yourself to sit there and complete an "assignment" :)

Our last day was spent at Universal's Islands of Adventure. It is way better than Universal Studios, in my opinion, because of all the awesome rides. I wanted to go because HARRY POTTER!!!

One of the best things we did was upgrade and bought the express pass  they have two versions--one is unlimited "shorter" lines--we got the other which allows you to skip the lines once per ride. Since we got as much done in a short time it was so worth it for us. 

Seuss Landing was fun to look at, but we were too old and tall to ride anything but The Cat in the Hat ride. 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter did not disappoint--although I was the only one nerding out in my family :)

We rode a few more roller coasters before leaving--I'd totally skip Disney all together and only come here if we ever go back haha

We were so exhausted by the last day. My husband was a trooper, 10 weeks prior to our trip he had broke his ankle--it was so swollen but he did all the walking for us :D

Our travel day was bittersweet...we had to get up way to early, but we were home around noon. 

When we unpacked, we found out TSA had gone through our suitcase...I guess they didn't like the look of all our charger wires together...oops. 

Thank you for reading. I'm hoping to craft more often and blog more. 

*I used the blogger app to post this on the road (the middle of nowhere on highway 5) :) hopefully the formatting isn't too crazy.