Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Puerto Rico Vacation--Awesomeness and the Aftermath

The Best Vacation...

My husband and I hadn't been on a big vacation (just the two of us) in a long while.  So this year, for our 20th Anniversary, to celebrate, we went to Puerto Rico sans kids! 

Why Puerto Rico?  No, I am not from there (haha) and I am not puertorriqueña. But I love old architecture...I would love to visit Spain (but it was twice as much) and I would also love to visit Cuba!  So Puerto Rico was close enough and bonus it is still a US territory, hence, they speak English, take the US Dollar, and no roaming/international CellPhone fees! :)

We had an AMAZING time.  I had so much fun and it was relaxing even though we were on the go most of the time.

5 Photos A Day?

hahaha...so I am posting the 5 photos a day The Life-Changing book says is acceptable--ahahaha...my scrapbook will have more than 5 a day, I promise you that :D  I could write about each day forever, but I will try to keep this a short overview.  

Day 1 (Airport)

My daughter took our photo at the airport--I took a photo of them driving away--wah!  It happened to be my husband birthday and we traveled all day!  He had a drink with breakfast (don't judge, it was noon in Puerto Rican time--haha) and his birthday "cake" was M&M's.  We landed at 11pm and it was 80 degrees and so humid!!

Day 2 (Castillo San Cristobal, Old San Juan)

The first morning in Puerto Rico, after breakfast, I tripped in a hole and fell in the paved streets...I was so lucky not to twist (or worse break) my foot!  Our hotel view was of the parking garage across the street.  It rained that first day (but maybe only once more during our trip--they were in a drought and luckily a hurricane didn't hit us!)  We walked around the first (of two) forts...I thought there was 1 pillar lookout point on the whole island and that it was unique before going to Puerto Rico, but they were everywhere on the two forts we seen and even around town!  We seen this statue only once during our trip and it was at night.

Day 3 (Bacardi, Old San Juan)

The next morning after breakfast, we got on a ferry and headed over to the Bacardi factory for a tour (if you ever go, don't do the tasting--instead do the mixology class).  Later that night we went to the birth place of the Pina Colada--Barrachina.  See that pillar lookout point...that was through town :/

Day 4 (Snorkling)

We were on that beach!!!...it is not just a dreamy photo you see on the internet!  (well you are seeing now on the internet, but I was actually there!)  We seen a stingray and some fish while snorkeling.

Day 5 (Castillo San Felipe El Morro, Condado, Old San Juan)

I ate the best oatmeal (avena) ever!!!  See our iguana friend at the other fort.  There was a truck in the middle of the road in Condado selling donuts!  Yes, I bought one :D  This day we walked 10.5 miles!!

Day 6 (Camuy River Cave, Arecibo Observatory, Anniversary)

The Cave tour was awesome, the Observatory--not so much.  We stopped at a fruit stand on the side of the road and had the most amazing tiny bananas (not plantains).  It was our 20th Anniversary :)

Day 7 (El Yunque Rainforest, Luquillo BeachBio-luminescent Kayak)

We hiked the rainless (there was a drought going on) Rainforest.  Went to the crappy part of a beach...had an expensive pina colada in a pineapple and for the first time kayaked...we were supposed to see the water glow in the bioluminescent bay...but we were disappointed--our tour was too early and they hurried us out so they could do another tour--boo!  It did make me realize, I actually like hiking and I would totally kayak again :)

Day 8 (Sports Museum, Airport)

The last day, we finally walked across the street and had the most amazing coffee (too bad I didn't go there every day)!  Our last drinks on the island.  We went to the saddest Sports Hall of Fame...bye Puerto Rico...hello San Jose!

If it weren't for the humidity, I would totally want to retire there!  I wouldn't mind visiting again to see some of the Southern regions of the island.

And Then We Came Home...

We got home late Friday and on Saturday I woke up 3 hours early (no, problem) and I was ok on Saturday.  Sunday, unfortunately my husband had to travel for business, so after I took him to the airport, I came home and slept a lot...I had little engery, but I was still ok.  Monday, I went back to work and was upbeat and told my travel stories...I was still so excited to have gone.  

Then Monday evening, when I got home, I had no appetite and my stomach wasn't feeling well.  Tuesday at work, I went home early because I just felt off.  By Wednesday, I had lost 7 pounds since Saturday (I had gain 2 pounds on vacation) and I started crying telling my co-worker that I had no appetite (rare for me--both the crying and no appetite) and how I lost so much weight.  Thursday I went to the doctor and she had me do tests for my stomach bug and I started crying again...in.the.doctor's.office!  To top things off, I was taking my son back to college on Friday (on my 42nd birthday, no less!).

Anyway...long story short, I probably had a bit of depression on top of having a stomach bug (the doctor said I might have been crying because I hadn't eaten in days!).  Then I just found out there is a thing called Post-Trip Depression!!!  Crazy right?...or yay...I might not be crazy after all :D

Scrapbooking It... 

I now feel better and have started sorting through my photos and getting all my supplies out to scrapbook our trip.  I will be using the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection :D

Thank you for getting this far and reading my post :)


  1. girl! I loved all your picst and the stories. I think you are so funy! I love reading what you right!. I also want to give you a big hug! I'm sorry you went through all that! lol I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better my friend!!

  2. I love your post and pics and trip!! Yay for hiking! And I totally want to kayak but my love and fear of sharks stop me : )

    1. you can kayak in a lake :) We will have to get a trip together to go!


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