Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beach Fauxdori and 200th post Giveaway!

Earlier this year, my friend, Liz, was telling me how she was making a Fauxdori...what is that?  Well if you want to spend a fortune, you can buy a Midori Traveler's notebook.  Or you can make your own Fake (Faux) one and call it a Fauxdori :)

So I went to Michaels and got the leather and elastic and made my own.

Unfortunately, it was kinda thin/flimsy leather so I had to glue thick paper inside.  It was ok, but I had no idea what to do with it!

I bought some Moleskine notebooks to put inside, but was still clueless on what I was going to fill it with.  Then I just started painting the cover using blue water colors and a bit of gold acrylic paint...and I thought about all the day trips to the beach my family takes. 

Hence "Let's Go to the Beach" was born (first photo)--my writing in watercolors is lacking :)


I am usually a chronological scrapbooker, but I have decided I will just make entries when I feel like it.  So the first entry started in January this year, then February, then I went back to 2011 :)

I have been using my LG Portable Printer and Pringo which I can print from my iPhone.  (Someday I'll review my printers.) (*Please note I do not get any money or discounts on my links--I just like to help people out.)

The concept of these traveler notebooks is to take them with you and journal as you go...mine actually just stays at home :)  

Thank you for reading!  Now for my giveaway

I started this blog in January 2010 to share my crafty projects with the world wide web and this is my 200th post!

I am giving away these Target Dollar Spot and Dollar Tree goodies.

Please leave a comment telling me what your favorite beach is and why or why you don't like the beach (my son hates the beach--unless he is going with his friends ha ha) :D

I will pick a winner in the morning on Saturday, September 19.

Thank you and Good LUCK!


  1. Great idea to put your photos in the notebook. I must try that soon! Congrats on your 200th post! I used to live in San Diego so my fave beach is Coronado beach! :)

  2. I love Galveston, TX.
    When I was a Senior in HS I had a photo shoot there with my parents. Black, white, and jeans. My Mom was staying at MD Anderson for chemo treatments. It was literally the day before her hair fell out from the treatments. A very cherished memory.

    instagram @89nicolemarie

  3. Aruba was my favorite, but so far away. Next I'll say Destin or Perdido Key. I'm not a huge fan of the beach, I go for the seafood!

  4. Congrats, friend! Also, glad you figured out what to do w/ your fauxdori! That would have been another project I would have ended up just throwing away because I'm the "Queen of Unfinished Projects".
    Favorite beach? La Jolla in San Diego... w/ Balboa being a very close 2nd!

  5. 200 posts! Thats awesome Linda!! Congrats!!


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