Saturday, August 1, 2015

Reading Challenge Update (again)

I hadn't planned on updating my reading challenge for a while, but then I realized that I have read 12 books this past month!!!  I took a week off, then I went into full "chain-reading" mode!

There were a few books that I read that did not fit into any of the categories of the challenge.

Unfinished Business--cute love story--although I might just use this as a "classic romance".  Changing the meaning of Classic from "old" to "typical"--if that makes sense.

My Life Next Door--I keep picking out these young adult books...this one was a cute love story as well.  I really liked it and can't wait to read the next book in this series.

Four Friends--This one was not a love story.  I've read Robyn Carr before and enjoy her writing.

Now onto the challenge books.

I Don't Know What You Know Me From--"A funny book".  Ok, I like Judy Greer and she is funny in most of her movies, but this book wasn't all that funny.  She is quirky, but I think I literally LOL'd once throughout the book.

The Edge of Normal--"A Mystery or Thriller".  I have always liked mystery novels and this one was a bit creepy.  I liked this author and can't wait to read other books from her.  I actually just picked up the next book in this series from the library :)

Reunion--"A book with one-word title".  This one was ok.  No love story and it is kinda hard to like the main character of the book.

Before I Fall--"A popular author's first book".  This is another young adult book (and I think it is a popular author).  This one is quite sad.  At first you don't feel any compassion for the main character then at the end you are like--WHAT?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!

14th Deadly Sin--"A book your mom loves".  ok, technically, I don't know if she loves this book, but both her and I like to read the Women's Murder Club series.  This one was ok.  I really liked the first few books in the series, but they don't seem to be as good as they first were--but I can't wait for the 15th book to come out! :)

Mother, Mother--"A book that scares you".  I picked up this book based on an Instagram review (I will warn you it might be spoilerish).  The review peaked my interest at once.  The book is not a gory or a horror book per se, but to know there are crazy people actually out there like this is scary!  Also, just like I questioned Gillian Flynn's mind, I am quite afraid of Koren's mind as well.

Come to the Edge--"A Memoir"--ok...not sure why I have a fascination with JFK, Jr. since he was 13 years older than me...but this is my second book about him that I've read.  (A few years ago, I read Fairy Tale Interrupted which was good.)  This book was hard for me to read.  The writer would be in a "moment" then flashback during that moment or flash forward during that moment...if that even makes sense.  I was so confused about the timeline of anything that happened! ha ha.  It was an interesting book though.

Dot Dead: A Silicon Valley Mystery--"A book that takes place in your hometown".  Ok, technically I don't live in the city this takes place in, but I do live in the Silicon Valley and they mention my city a few times during the book.  It was an interesting mystery (remember I love mysteries) and it had a love story (weird love story, but a love story none the less).

Bad Apple--"A book written by an author with your same initials".  Ok, looking for this book, I realized most authors with the initials L.R. write smutty books! ha ha ha.  I wasn't about to read and review that type of book here...luckily, I found Laura Ruby.  This again was a young adult book.  It was quite interesting and sad at the same time.

I know my reviews lack, but I don't really want to give too much away--I hate when I come across a review that kinda has I still wonder if I would have been in the same mind set if I hadn't come across the review of Mother, Mother on Instagram--but then again, I might not have read it if I didn't see the review--haha

Thank you for reading if you got this far!


  1. girl - you are on a roll!!

    that's really awesome! I wish I loved to read :)

    1. Thanks...I should be addicted to crafting instead :)

  2. Wow! 12 books! I am totally slacking! Funny thing is I think I read a lot...obviously I don't! Anyway great list... I am reading "Before I Fall" per your recommendation. And your reviews are just fine... I don't review my books at all on my blog, just write a list of what I read, so you are already better than me in that regard... LOL! But seriously, your "reviews" are just enough to get me to decide if I want to check out the books w/out giving away to much of the story line, so good job!

    1. I'm sure you aren't slacking...I just do nothing else--haha

      Can't wait to hear what you think about Before I Fall.

      Thank you for the encouragement :)

  3. Dang! You read 12 books in one month - yay you : )


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