Sunday, June 14, 2015

Silhouette Sunday-High Chair Banner

A few months ago, my brother asked if I could make a high chair banner for his daughter's first birthday...of course, I said yes!!

He had sent me some photos as inspiration and they gave me a bunch of ribbon to make it.  The color scheme was turquoise and pink with white, grey, and black as accent colors.  The theme was cameras (A year in a Flash).

I wasn't sure how I was going to attached the ribbon--I even searching the internet, but I didn't find many tutorials!  So I got some elastic and tied the ribbon on.  (If they want, they can take it off the tray, pull the elastic tighter and have a ribbon tutu--haha.)

Then I used double sided tape to secure the pink satin ribbon to the entire tray.  I also used the double sided tape to attached the ribbon (which is held together by the elastic) to the tray.  This seemed to work fine.  It was completed a couple of weeks prior to the event and it held up throughout the party :)

This is where my silhouette came in, I found a scalloped circle that I already had (I just erased the lines I didn't need) and cut 3 out (I used black as the background because blue or pink would have just gotten lost against the ribbon--I actually had cut blue scallops at first, but didn't like them).  Then I cut pink circles.  I have a ton of fonts and I went through a lot...I finally settled on plain ol' Lucida Handwriting since I like the way the welding of the letters flowed together.

Once I was done with that...I was off to find a cute camera.  I found this one on Miss Kate Cuttables...she has the cutest cuts for so cheap!  (She also has a freebie every day, but you have to download it to the computer where you use your Silhouette because you cannot go and download it again after the day is over and you can't send the file either.)

I was happy with the way it came out.  My daughter was a big help letting me know what didn't look right.  I would also email the mom of the baby to make sure she liked certain colors and ask which type of banner...I could have done squares or triangles...there are a lot of different types.

If you ever think of doing something like this, I will warn you it isn't cheap.  I used a lot of ribbon.  I was given 8 spools of ribbon and it got me 1/2 way around the tray (each cut was about 20 inches so that it would be about 8 inches long).  I am sure I could have just used that and spaced it out a bit more, but I wanted it to be fuller.  So 16 spools of ribbon isn't very cheap--even with a coupon (or two).  Then there is the elastic, the double sided tape, the paper, and cuts (if you don't already have them).

But it was pretty fun to make.

Thank you for reading. :)


  1. SOOOO pretty! I love the fun feel of it and love the fullness (even if it wasn't cheap!) You did a great job!


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