Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge-Update

I have been reading way too much lately!  There are so many other things I could (should) be doing, but mostly I get home from work and read until it is time to go to sleep.  I try not to, but sometimes I have to finish the book and I regret it the next morning when I have to get up for work.

So far, I have checked off 17 of the 50 items on the 2015 Reading Challenge list.  I should be at 25 by the end of June, right?  

BUT, I have decided this challenge should be fun for me so I have already crossed off a few items that I will not be completing.  

I decided that I wasn't going to finish some of the items when I tried to read A Tale of Two Cities--this would be "A book I was supposed to read in high school, but didn't" (I honestly do not know how I passed Sophomore English!).  I read the first chapter and I was like what did I just read?!?!  Reading should be enjoyable and this was not enjoyable.

Then, as I was looking for books that fell under "A Classic Romance", I realized I would pass on that too.  Last year, I read Northanger Abbey with my aunt's book club and at the end it was a cute love story, but it took me forever to read...Even though it was in English...I had to sit there and translate everything I was reading...that is not fun!

And since "A book over 100 years" most likely will fall under the same type of books as the two mentioned above, I am thinking about skipping that one too.

Then, I started reading All the Lights We Cannot See (it was on my waitlist at the library before I decided to do this challenge) for "A Pulitzer Prize-winning book"...yawn!  I may not be completing that one either.

So that is another 4 off my list...maybe if I get to December and I am almost done, I will reread To Kill a Mocking Bird for "A Pulitzer Prize" or I will find a "Classic Romance" (it doesn't have to be Jane Austen, right)...we will see.

I will update my list at the end of June...I know this isn't craft related, but I wanted to post my list here :D

Thank you for reading :)


  1. go girl! I wish I could read one book over the summer!!!

  2. Ugh I know what you mean... some of the categories I will probably never get to because they are so boring! LOL! I'll concentrate on the other categories first and see if I have time for the boring ones later. I doubt it though because I am already behind... which seems crazy to me because I feel like I'm constantly reading too!!!!! Love that e-card!

    1. right? I don't know how some of these ladies read some of those books. I guess I'm just not as refined as they are...I love the lovey dovey romance too much haha :)


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