Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge

I have always loved to read, but there have been times when I didn't have the time to do so.  Now that my kids are grown, I am able to do nothing and just read...some call me obsessive or an addict because when I do start a book, it is so hard for me to stop...I can stay up late reading (but rarely any other time)...sometimes I just have to know how it ends!

The other day, I was thinking about posting the books I have read since the beginning of the year, then I came across this post by a fellow blogger who is doing the PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge and I was like "hey...I wanna do that!" :)

I am not sure if I will update this often or not, but here is my list so far.

~A book with a number in the title--One Summer.  This one was pretty good.  It actually was kinda hard for me to start because it started off so sad and depressing, but then it got better and became a love story.

~A book by a female author--More Like Her.  This was a book club pick from my aunt's book club and it was good.  It was sad but it kinda had a love story in there.

~A book of short stories--Four.  Recently, I watched the Divergent movie and had to start reading the series.  Four is actually four short stories that can be read (preferably after Divergent) to hear about one of the characters in more detail--the last of the four books is kinda parallel with Divergent but seen from a different point of view.  I really liked this one.  (again a bit of a love story)

~A book set in a different country--A Girl on a Train.  This one I have seen so many people love it...I didn't really love it.  It was ok.  The beginning was so depressing...not a love story--haha

~A book a friend recommended--The Silent Sister.  This was also a book club pick from my aunt's book club.  I really like this one.  Sometimes I figure out the twists and I hate when I do that and this one I kinda knew things that should have been a surprise.  There is a little bit of a love story in this one.

~A trilogy--Divergent/Insurgent/Allegiant.  Ok, technically, I haven't finished this trilogy.  I still need to read the last book, but I really loved the first two...lots of twists in the second book.  And there is a love story component.

~A book by an author you've never read before--The Great Escape.  Late last year, my coworker and I decided to make a 2 person book club--haha!  So we started reading a bunch of books (we read the 3 Gillian Flynn books) and most of the books were kinda sad/depressing.  So at the beginning of the year, she recommended we read some romance novels.  This one was cute.  Then we read 3 more books by the same author and all the books were so similar!  Then we were tired of love stories haha!

So there are my short reviews.  I am on GoodReads.com and I try to keep it up to date if you want to follow me there.  

Some of the books were hard to choose which item to check off.  Like Four could have been "A book with a number in the Title" or "A book with a one-word title".  And A Girl on a Train could have also fallen under "A book you can read in a day"--although most wouldn't read it in a day (I read it in less than 24 hours because I didn't have anything else to do this past weekend--haha!)

I don't know if I will get to finish all these books on the list, but it will be fun to try. 

Thank you for reading if you made it this far :D


  1. Yay! Even though we aren't technically doing it together...it's still fun to know someone else I know is doing the same challenge!

    I read the Divergent Series and loved it but I didn't count the it as my "Trilogy" because I read 2 of the books last year.
    I also read "Four" but I didn't put it down as "a book of short stories" because I didn't even realize it was! I just thought it was1 book that was a prequel to the Divergent series.... guess I need to revise my list now! Thanks!

    BTW - I was on Good Reads...but I just didn't understand it, so I deleted my account.

    Anyway, happy reading Friend!

    1. Thank you for sharing the list. It will be fun to try and complete it. I already have a queue of books I want to read just to check it off my list :D

  2. Oh! I just noticed you tagged me in your post!!! LOL! :0)

  3. That looks like a fun challenge! (I have a lot on my list that I want to read, but I'll wait until summer!) Good job on all that reading!:)

  4. Reading!? I would love to get lost in a book! Maybe when I retire! Can't wait to read all your reviews!


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