Sunday, February 22, 2015

Florida 2012 (#6)/Silhouette Sunday

Today, I'm combining Silhouette Sunday with my continuing effort to complete our 2012 Florida trip. This is the 2nd post on our 5th day. 

I'm sure plenty of people really enjoy Epcot--I mean they haven't closed it, right?  But we really didn't care for this park. 

Again, I placed the map in the Smash Book. 

Here is where I used my Silhouette. I cut the names of the countries. Pretty simple but glueing each letter is a pain. 

And that was it. Not much journaling was needed. 

Thank you for looking! :)


  1. ok ok i know vinyl is expensive - but if you cut vinyl or washi sheets they will be ready to just apply after cutting. Just my two thoughts :)

    Linda I love that you are going back and scrapbooking your family trips. I wish this is something I would do. I also love reading your posts because I can totally hear your voice as I am reading.

    I have never been to disney world fso thanks for giving me a glimpse in!

    1. Thanks for the advice. Since I don't use my machine too much maybe I will try using vinyl :)

      You can totally go back. With project life, it is probably so much easier to do :)


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