Saturday, February 21, 2015

Florida 2012 (#5)

I think I might have CADD (creative attention deficit disorder--ok, I just made that up) because I can never finish a project. I will start one album, get bored, then start another project.

Yesterday, I want to start to scrapbook a trip to Disneyland, but I am making myself finish a project that has been sitting on my desk for sometime--Our 2012 Florida trip. 

This album is nearly complete but I have to do the journaling for it and add a few more embellishments to the pages. 

I've blogged about Days 1-4 late last year.

Because we did a lot on Day 5 in Florida, I am going to split the day out into 3 separate posts. 

We were told that it isn't recommended to see all the Disney World parks in one day but we only had 1 day to visit them. 

Prior to leaving on our trip, I had printed a list of the rides/attractions at each park and crossed off anything that we have been on at Disneyland/California Adventure. I chose 3 of the 4 parks to visit. Then I seen which park opened the earliest and which one closed the latest. I even had an estimated schedule to try to stick to. One thing that I didn't account for is that Epcot is pretty boring and we had extra time on our hands. We probably could have gone to Animal Kingdom after all, but it was just as well since our feet were hurting pretty bad. We used the time between Epcot and Magic Kingdom to go back to the hotel to soak our feet. 

Our first stop at 8 am (5 am our normal pacific time!!!) was Hollywood Studios which is similar to California Adventures. 

I added the map to each park in the album. To make them a bit sturdier, I taped the folded areas with packing tape. Hopefully they hold up. 

We were there for four hours and we were right on scheduled. 3 of the 4 of us loved the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster. 

One of the rides we wanted to get on was closed--Toy Story Midway Mania, but the area was cute. We skipped Hollywood Tower and Indiana Jones because they are similar to rides we've been on (at this point I still thought we were on a tight schedule). 

The Backlot Tour was pretty neat to see some of the special effects--it is pretty similar to the tour you can take at Universal Studios Hollywood. 

Then it was time to find breakfast. There was only one place that had a descent looking breakfast buffet. It was a Disney Jr. Place which had characters walking around for the younger kids. My kids were 15 & 17, so we just went for the food. 

At one point, either Handy Manny or Jake the Pirate came over and hugged my daughter. I thought it was funny but my husband wasn't laughing--he told the guy in is I-am-her-father-and-carry-a-shotgun voice, "that is enough". I truly hope it was either just a girl or a teenage boy--that is what I choose to believe. 

After breakfast we walked around some more and I took a lot of photos of the cute props--there were a lot! 

Sometimes it seems like a chore to journal, but if I don't do it, future generations won't know about our family life :D

Thank you for looking!


  1. loved it all Linda! I'm wishing I had some of those m.m wafles right now. I think all your journal cards are great.

    1. Thank you :D yes, the waffle does look yummy :)


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