Sunday, January 4, 2015

Silhouette Sunday #1--Littlest Pet Shop

*With the new year, I want to try out a new weekly (hopefully) blog post.  On Thanksgiving in 2013, I won a Silhouette Cameo--I still cannot believe it!!!  I try to use the machine, but normally my desk is a mess.  Also, I don't want to spend a ton on cuts since I bought a whole bunch of Cricut cartridges that I never use :/  But with the Cameo, it is so easy (not really easy) to find cuts or logos online and make them into cuts.  I say not really easy because it usually takes me a while to remember how to get it to cut what I want :)  Well...without any further first Silhouette Sunday.

My 6 year-old niece just started to collect Littlest Pet Shop figurines, but she also has a 6 month-old sister that is going to be crawling soon.  So for Christmas, I wanted to get her a box to keep her "pets" in, but I wanted it to be personalized...I thought what perfect way than to use the Cameo to make "Ava's Littlest Pet Shop".

Now, I am not sure if this is actually legal to do, but here is what I did...shh!  I found the logo to "Littlest Pet Shop" in PNG form and saved it to my computer.  Then in Photoshop Elements, I deleted the 'shadow' and colored the 'Littlest', 'Pet', and 'Shop' black (I don't know if you have to, but it makes it easier for me in the Silhouette Studio).  I am not really sure if you can do this in the regular Studio program--I have the Designer version just for things like this.  So I pressed a bunch of button in Designer Studio and finally it was a cut!

Because I am kinda cheap (haha!), I ended up just getting black Cricut vinyl at Michaels...I don't need a bunch of colors and I think I will use the black more than if I got pink or another color.  This was my first time using real vinyl...I have used Contact paper before, but this seems a lot sturdier...I hope it lasts for her.

After I resized and cut "Littlest Pet Shop" to fit on the top of the box, I realized I forgot to add 'Ava's' :(  That is why 'Ava' is on the side of the box instead.

Thank you for looking!  I hope to inspire people to use their Cameos as well in this new year! 


  1. Great job! I've seen ppl use logos for all sorts of personal stuff. As long as you're not selling it I would think it'd be okay. P.S. That storage is cute, too!

    1. Thank you :) I was thinking the long as I don't sell it :)


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