Thursday, January 1, 2015

My One Little Word--2015

Every year, Ali Edwards choses One Little Word as sort of a resolution (for lack of a better term).  I tried this in 2013, but it really didn't pan out throughout the year.  And in 2014, I just had a "TO DO" board dedicated to catching up on scrapbooking only--no other resolutions.

This past month, I was thinking about the things I wanted to start doing and even though I haven't really done Ali's whole workshop, the word "DO" just clicked in my head.

Yesterday, I was reading blogs and I totally thought I found someone else doing "DO" as their word as well, but in fact it was a different version of the word.  (She wants to do things in a general sense--like go places.)  My word is more to DO anything but sit around.

Every night, especially during the fall/winter when it is dark at 5pm, I come home from work and we mostly go out and eat, then I come back home and sit on my butt and watch tv...pretty much doing nothing at all.

This year, I want to exercise more (as always), cook more, change the way I eat, keep my house clean, scrapbook more, create more, blog more, get rid of boxes and boxes of junk that I never got around to getting rid of back in 2013--in other words I just want to DO something!

This year, when I read that Ali Edwards' word just came to her, I was like "yeah, whatever"...but then just like that my word came to me without even thinking about doing One Little Word :)

Crossing my fingers that I DO more this year instead of just sitting around surfing the net while watching tv.



  1. I love your word! So perfect for the New Year! I need to follow suit!;)

    1. Thank you :) I really hope this is the year that I follow through haha!

  2. Ok ! would love to try this. what do I do once I pick a word? I feel like there is always something NEW for me to learn! hey maybe i should pick "new" as my word and just buy new stuff lol haha just kidding


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