Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Mason Jar (with car)

Ever since I have been looking for ideas to make "snow globe" mason jars, I have been waiting to make one similar to this one from "It All Started with Paint".

It took me so long to make because I couldn't find a vintage car....all they sell are race cars!  I looked online and all I could find were cars that would cost a minimum $10 with thank you :/

Then my daughter told me I should look through my son's box of cars I had in the garage.  I was doubtful since he mainly loved construction trucks.  But I did find 2 possible cars I could use.  One was a 50's car, but I felt it was too "lowrider" for me hahaha.  So I picked this bug...

It did need a paint job though.  I went to Michaels and just picked up Martha Stewart High Gloss Habanero.  It took a few coats to cover up the graffiti art on the car, but it was worth it.

The tree is a bit big, but I love it!  (The picture doesn't do it justice--it is red not pink.)

Thank you for looking.


  1. Super-cute! Isn't it crazy how hard it is to find a regular Matchbox/Hot Wheels car for this project?!? I'm still holding out hope though!

    1. I think we need plan a trip to go to the Antique Fair to find some! :)

  2. This is so darling! Love the red!

  3. Another cute project. I love the red! That tree IS big...Clark Griswold would love it, LOL

    1. Thank you! haha...yes, very Griswold-y :D


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