Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas Trees In A Jar 2.0

Back in September, my friend Liz hosted a Craft Day. It was so much fun that I got little done, but my friend Jossie brought jars and gold deers for us to make some cute holiday scene mason jars.  That day, I only glued the deer and added some foam snow, but when I got home, I found my deer had come undone :/

It took me a few weeks to complete, but little by little, my mason jar snow scene was almost perfect.  There were a lot of trial and errors along the way.

While working on my jar, I looked for instructions to make mine look like the ones I found via Pinterest, but I found little I thought I would share my step by step process.

First I found some trees at Michaels in the Christmas section.  The package came with 1 "large" tree, 2 medium trees, and 5 small trees.  At first, I was only going to use the large tree, but my deer would not fit inside with the tree, so I added a medium tree to my jar as well. 

I really wanted the trees to looked snowed on, so I added some white acrylic paint to the mostly green trees.  I also used some spray glue then sprinked some gold glitter and white crystal glitter for some pop.  

The width of both trees was squished too tightly in the mouth of the I found some foam I had laying around (yes, because you never know when you need foam!) and glued it to the lid.  I let it dry overnight.  The next day, I went to put my trees in the jar and D'oh!  the large tree was too tall! ha ha ha and the jar wouldn't close.

So I carved into the foam enough to shorten the tall tree without chopping it down.

(Not pretty but it worked!)

I thought I was done and added some tiny foam balls (I got at the Dollar Tree) to the jar (see first photo), but I didn't like that the balls were sticking to my trees and the jar!  boo!

I sometimes have OCD tendencies and I spent an hour and a half (while watching 2 episodes of Bones...multitasking makes me think it wasn't so bad! ha ha) pulling the foam out of my trees!!

Another trip to Michaels to find some better looking snow.  And the 2.0 version was a success!

At least I think so :)  Thank you for reading...I hope I inspire you to try your own mason jar scene :D


  1. I LOVE it! Great job! I need to fix mine, too. What snow did you end up using in the end?!?

    1. It's buffalo snow flurries. I got it at Michaels :) thanks :)


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