Sunday, October 5, 2014

Florida 2012 (#4)

We left Miami at 9am on the 4th day and headed up to Orlando where we were going to spend the rest of our vacation (because you can't go to Florida and NOT go to Disney World, right?).  I highlighted our route, but it is a bit hard to see with all the other lines on the map.

We made one stop to eat breakfast and go to Target to pick up snacks and laundry detergent for the Disney World Resort (Saratoga Springs) condo.  My husband's co-worker graciously let us use 3 nights of her time share!!

We got to the Resort at 2:15 pm. After cleaning up, my daughter and I jumped on the Ferry to Downtown Disney to walk around and have dinner.  In true Floridian weather, it poured on us, but I love the rain and don't mind walking in it :)

While we were browsing around, the boys drove about an hour west (in some scary rain...what is crappier than driving in the rain?  driving in the rain on a road you don't know!).  They caught a Tampa Bay Ray's game (in St. Petersburg). {I guess it is now like watching a San Francisco 49er game in Santa Clara.}

There was a "hall of fame" type area that they enjoyed.  They actually liked this stadium better than the brand new Marlins' stadium we were at a few days before!

This was our AMAZING home away from home

Unfortunately, we were not able to enjoy it to it's fullest extent since we had planned a jam packed vacation.  It would have been perfect to set up my scrapbooking since there was a large kitchen table (and kitchen that I would not have used even if we had more time there! ahahaha)  The kids had one "wing" with their own bathroom and we had our own master sweet with came in handy the 5th day when we had to soak our feet after walking and walking and walking the whole day.

Thank you for looking.  I have been reminded of our vacation as I am finishing up on the is like we just came back all over again :)


  1. I love that your guys caught a game out there! I mean how could you not! TRUE FANS!!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the majority of our vacations involve baseball :/

  2. I love hearing about your trips! And very cool you got use of the time-share!

  3. Wow! You guys did lots of stuff! No wonder your feet hurt!
    So glad you were able to fit so much in, on your trip and in your Smash Book...BTW the pages look fab! I just can't get the hang of that kinda scrapping myself but you always make it look so good!
    Love the look of the place you stayed at! I love staying in condos when we do Family Vacations...this way we can stock up on food at the grocery store to save money by not going out to eat ALL the time! Sure I have to cook but I pick easy stuff: frozen pizzas, Top Ramen, toast and cereal for breakfast, things like that so that I'm not spending my vacation cooking!

    1. Thank you! My husband has a bit of ADHD (so I tell him often) so when we go places, we usually don't stop much :)

      I am not a big fan of the Smash Book...I bought a few and started 2 trips in I will finish the 2, but I don't really care to do any more :)

    2. Good for you for making an effort to use them! I had 2 I started and then stopped...they are just gathering dust now. I really need to just throw them away but I can't get myself to do it!


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