Monday, September 29, 2014

Florida 2012 (#3)

The Day 3 section of my Florida SMASH Book is out of order...I am normally a chronological scrapbooker and it was so hard for me to place photos out of order, but it made more sense to do so for Day 3.

Day 3 in Florida was Memorial Day.  Our plan was to spend the day in South Beach/Miami Beach so we left our hotel at 7am thinking we would hit traffic (we did not).

We first found a breakfast spot and after fueling our tummy's walked around the area--it was 8am, so the stores were mostly closed.

My daughter loves the Jersey we had to find some of the places Snooki and her friends caused havoc when they spent Season 2 down there.

The place they lived...the place they worked...and one of the places they clubbed at (which was shut down when we were there).  After lunch, we went back to the gelato place and she had to have  a scoop and bought a shirt. (I HAD to use the Bottled pages of the SMASH book for Jersey could I not? ha ha ha)

Our choices for breakfast were limited...but the eggs were fine...(here is where it goes all wonky!)  We ate lunch at 1:30 pm--6 hours later...not right after we ate breakfast ha ha ha :D

We also seen the Dash hadn't opened for the day yet.  We seen a tow truck from Tremont Towing...South Beach Tow which my husband and kids watch.

Back to our lunch...we ate at Ocean's Ten which apparently the Jersey Shore cast also visited on the show.  OMG--worst service.  The Yelp reviews are either way bad or good.  I guess if you to there to club then it is fine.  We were there at 1:30 pm and the waitress had to hold our credit card before we got our food--their, we have 2 children with us...we aren't clubbing...we aren't going to stiff you!  Then they charged for a glass of water...not bottled...just plain "filtered" tap water!  Then they automatically charged 18% service fee...fine, but did I mention our waitress sucked?  Well she did!  And the food...not very good at all and overpriced.  Oh well...

Some of our beach photos...Remember I said we wanted to beat the crowds?  We were there from 8:30am-1:00pm and it never got very crowded...I think South Beach is on and popping in the evening when all the young adults are partying :)

We got back to the hotel before 3pm and decided to check out Hollywood, Fl because the guide book said it was "a virtual carnival of young hipsters, big families, and sunburned French Canadian..."  It was NOT...unless by young hipsters they meant young hoodlums and by French Canadian they meant Freaky Characters!  Normally, my husband can hang in the shadiest parts of town (he went into New Orlean's 9th ward with a couple of friends and a stranger they met at a bar!) but even he was not comfortable with us being in Hollywood, FL.  We left as soon as possible and I only took one photo of a sign...actually I think I sent my husband over to take the picture.  (Ok, I just looked at all the trip advisor reviews, etc. and they are all positive...maybe it was because we got there late in the day...I don't know, but it did not look very friendly.)

The best part of the trip to Hollywood was the drive there when we were stuck in traffic (how is that the best part?)...Not only did we laugh as we witnessed a ton of people illegally exiting the freeway, but we seen these two young adults in front of us lip-syncing and doing some hand/arm gestures.  My son knew what they were doing and showed us the Harvard Baseball Team YouTube video lip syncing and "dancing" to Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe.  We then joined the couple in front of us...and they laughed and gave us air high fives.  That song then became our anthem the rest of the trip :)

Even now when we hear that song it makes us smile thinking of our vacation.

If you got through this post--thank you! 

Thank you for looking!


  1. I hate when places get hyped up on TV and movies but when you actually visit they are not "all that"!
    Oh well...sounds like you had a fun time anyway.
    Love that Hollywood spread the best and you daughters "less-than-enthusiastic" expressions, LOL!

    1. Thank you...It was a fun time :) Yeah it is hard to get my kids to smile even though she was the one that wanted to see all those places ha ha ha

  2. Ok you gt me at DASH boutique! I loved reading the stories and the sweet memories you guys built!


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