Sunday, September 14, 2014

Florida 2012 (#2)

Day 2 in Miami was the day we went to check out the new Marlin's stadium and watch our Giants beat them.

Before we headed over to the stadium, we found The Original Pancake House which we all liked.  We really try to find places to eat that we can't find around where we live...sometimes we succeed at doing that and other times we have to settle for places we can eat any ol' time. (Later, we found out there are a couple of the same chain in our area, but when we tried them at home, they were not as good. :/ )

I was happy that the page in the Smashbook (above) actually matched what I was scrapbooking.  The curved building in the Smashbook had similar features to the actual stadium.

The photo on the top left is one of my favorites because of this...

Five years earlier, we were in Scottsdale, Az watching the Giants at Spring Training and I captured this photo above...I had them recreate the bottom photo...Yes, my husband is wearing the same jersey (but new same colored shorts! ha ha ha)--it is awesome to see how my kids have grown in 5 years!

Another element that I love on this page is that I used paper from an actually baseball score book to write my journaling on.

The next page is just photos of the inside of the stadium--the colors on the Smashbook matched the Marlin colors (kinda!).

That day, Melky Cabrera scored all 3 runs which I was able to take photos looks like the same run scored, but it wasn't :)

After the game, we went back to the hotel then took the free Metromover to the Bayside outdoor mall.  We walked around, but didn't buy anything other than flimsy towels for the beach the next day.

Dinner was at Bubba Gump which we've eaten at before, but we don't eat it too often.

For the smaller photos (like above), I used my PoGo--I am not sure how they will stand the test of time though.

Thank you for looking!


  1. Linda I love the photos of your family before and after. So sweet! To me that's what sums up a fabulous photographer! All your pages are great and I felt like i visted the park with you guys! very cool!

  2. You are rocking these albums, girl!
    I cannot do a whole album like that, my A.D.D kicks in! LOL!
    Love those photos of your hubby w/ your kids! So sweet! I have a couple of those same type of photos of my hubby and our daughter, also at different ages like yours, and they are also some of my most favorite photos ever!

    1. Thank you! It feels nice to get stuff done :)

      I sometimes tend to forget to take pictures of I love when I get great photos of them.


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