Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 things that make me happy...

today on instagram, there were a lot of photos remembering that infamous day 13 long years ago...

then i seen wwfussbudget29 posted her 10 things that makes her happy.

so to honor the day by not living in fear...i am going to list 13 things that make me happy instead

  1. my kids (even through those teen years)

  2. my husband (for doing everything--like cooking, driving, etc.)

  3. my mom (she is one tough chick)

  4. my extended family (even though seeing them twice a year is enough--haha--kidding!)

  5. my core group of friends (you know who you are!)

  6. pretty paper (to scrapbook or make cards or to just look at)

  7. pretty yarn (to crochet with or to look at--haha)

  8. reading (everything from magazines to novels to non-fiction to tinsel town autobiographies)

  9. traveling (near and far)

10. quiet time (especially quiet time with coffee!)

11. tv (from american horror story to survivor to the big bang theory and more!)

12. the internet (pinterest, message boards, and blogs!!)

13. my job (most days--hahaha.  i work with the best group of people...we are all long term employees)


  1. Great list! I just posted the same type of list on my IG yesterday; mine was only 10 things though... but I could go on forever! LOL!

    1. Thank you! Yes, the list could go on a bit longer and that is definitely a good thing :)


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