Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Workspace Wednesdays (#4)--Roller Stamps

Back in December 2012, I wrote about my roller date stamps collection.  At that time, I had 9 stamps (and added 2 more shortly after) and stored them in these glass square vases.

But like most of my supplies, this had doubled to 22 (currently) and they no longer fit in the vases.

I found a basket at Michaels in turquoise (my favorite) and they are still easy to reach for on my workspace.

But with 22 stamps, it is hard to remember or search for phrases, so last year, I started to stamp each phrase on an index card and labeling which color handle (and brand) it belongs to.  I also try to remember to write which year the stamps starts.

About a month or so ago, Studio Calico (via Nicole Reaves) posted a picture on Instagram that was similar...I was like hey, I have been doing that too!  Great minds think alike--hahaha.

Even though my current storage works, I would really like an antique stamp holder.

If I don't find one, I know that Ranger Inks sells a similar one, but it won't be antique! ha ha ha

Thank you for looking!!


  1. Good idea stamping the phrases! Are those the PL cards that you bought?!? I love those stamp holders, but like I mentioned before, I'd have to buy quite a bit of them to house all of mine.:( Hopefully we can find some for you though!;)

    1. The gold dot to the left of the basket picture is part of the new heidi swapp pl cards. The ones I stamped on are just plain index cards :) can't wait for the antique faire :)


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