Sunday, August 10, 2014

Scrapbook Expo~August 2014

This past Friday, I attended the Santa Clara Scrapbook Expo.  I was so excited to take the day off and scrapbook all day.  

My table included Jossie and Renee and we knew the table next to us where Joann and 3 of her friends sat.  

This is the 4th Expo Crop I've gone to and I normally don't get much done, but this time I had a goal of getting my 2001 Disneyland trip complete and I knew I only had 4 2-page layouts to that was my goal.  I got 3 of 4 of the layouts complete!!!  I was so happy :)  (I'll share the layouts in a separate post.)

I got there about 8 am when the crop section opened.  I was able to get a layout complete before I went shopping.

I was actually good and didn't buy way too much like I normally do.  (It helped that there weren't very many vendors there.)

 Queen & Co. had $1 washi tape and I can't resist washi...especially at a dollar!

I was really looking for cheap Thicker because I am obsessed now.  Scrap-Mart had 4 for $ first go through of the bin I had about 12 in my I whittled it down to 8...then I realized that was $20!  So I only bought 4.  I was needing a frame for the layout I was working on, so it was perfect that I found these Crate Paper ones.

A few of the vendors had bins and bins of cheap paper...(and tons of people crowding around them searching)

But before I got there, I swore to myself I was not going to buy any paper... and I almost left without buying any, but before the floor closed, we went back in and I left with 1 sheet of the Simple Stories Say Cheese sheet.  

I was totally happy that I only spent $25...not too bad.  I actually spent more on food for the entire day! (well unless you add in the price of admission ($8) and the crop ($35)--hahaha.)

With the cost of the crop, we were able to pick a kit worth $20...I got the Teresa Collins Hello My Name Is kit.

And all the Expos give out a bag (not pictured), a pen, gluestick, and a pack of Canon paper.  The stickers were handed out later that night.

This was the first time I stayed until the grand prize was given out at the expo.  I and all the girls I was with thought they were calling out the number to claim either a Cricut Explore, Canon printer, a Cuttlebug, or Spellbinders.  They called my number!!!  I was shocked and yelled "that's my number!", but then when I got up there it was just the first number called to pick some of the other prizes--it was not the grand prize they were announcing about all night.  I picked this Tab punch.

I already had a tab punch (a bit different from this one) and since Jossie was talking about needing one, I gave it to her.  I would probably wouldn't ever even use it.

I ended up leaving after my 3rd layout was complete about 10:20pm!!!  I couldn't believe how fast the time went and how long I stayed.

I had a total blast with the girls.  The theme of the crop was Carnival, so Jossie and I took a picture with clown noses and bows in our hair.  Fun times!  Can't wait for the next one!


  1. OMG so much scrappy goodness...I...can'!
    Love all the things you bought/won!
    Good job getting most of your pages done and not spending too much money!
    Great picture of you as well!

    1. Thank you :) It was kinda hard to resist just buying it all :)

  2. Linda! such a fun post! Loved reading it! I had so much fun with you - we always do but hey this time we were crafty clowns! Cant wait for our next fieldtrip!!

    1. It is always a fun time hanging out and I am so glad we got stuff done this time :D ha ha ha


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