Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So how do you like to read?

Would you rather read digitally or by holding the paper of a book/magazine?

I have come to the decision for me it depends on if I buy it or borrow it from the library (or if it is free!).

Back in 2012, we went to San Diego and I bought a digital version of the Frommer's San Diego.  I thought we would have the guide at our finger tips on our phones and the iPad without the bulkiness of carrying it around.  I hated it!  There was no way to just flip around the guide.  I like to flip :)  And as a keepsake keeper, I like to see the used travel guides on the shelf to remind me of our trips.

Then, last year, PaperCrafts announced they were going digitally and had an amazing deal of $10 for the year.  I fell for it and got the subscription, even though I had seized all my subscriptions a couple of years before.  Again, I wasn't enthused about reading it digitally each month.  I would "flip" through it once and forget about it.

BUT...and there is a big but...if I am reading library books, I would rather read them on my iPad.  Once, I happily read during a whole baseball game (the high school coach was a jerk...but that is a different subject) on my smartphone--it was awesome.  

Another BUT, if I am buying a book, I want to physically see it on my shelf...I paid for it, so I want to touch it.

So for me, I like reading both ways...depending on what it costs me :)

Books Pictured

I am hoping to have reviews of the Mollie Makes magazines soon!


  1. I need to have the physical book/magazine. Otherwise, I feel like I'm just browsing the internet. With the actual stuff, I feel like I can read at my leisure and not feel rushed that I have to read before the battery dies! Reading should be relaxing and I like to relax, thankyouverymuch! That is all.

    1. I never thought about it that way...makes perfect sense though :)

  2. Digital all the way!
    I used to think that digital reading was awful...
    until I realized how much room I could save by buying digital.
    1,000 or more books stored in a kindle as opposed to stored in my tiny house?!!?
    Yup, digital is so the way to go!
    Plus I have a bit of a germ phobia so I kinda get grossed out holding a dirty book in my hand.

    1. yeah...sometimes I have to remind myself not to think about where library books have been! :/


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