Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Planning again...

I still remember my first planner...I had just started my senior year of high school (I won't say what year that was! ha ha ha).  It wasn't the prettiest planner, but I changed that by cutting pictures from magazines and using clear Contact paper to make it all mine.  I really wish I still had it or at least took a picture of it...it was awesome!

That was a start of my planner phase...soon after I graduated, I bought my first Day Runner...it was burgundy...and I used a matching Cross pen with my name engraved on the side...I had that pen for many many years until I forgot it at a bank ATM--you know when you actually had to sign your paycheck and deposit it!

But I digress.

Then when I worked at Wells Fargo Alarm and they gave all their employees a Franklin Covey to use.  For over a decade, I used some sort of version of a paper planner.  One Christmas in the early 2000's, I remember my husband bought me a PalmPilot so I could toss my paper planner, but the PalmPilot went straight back to the store because I couldn't even think of not having my planner all written out.

Then, little by little, I stopped using my planner to it's fullest extent.  In 2009, I had a Samsung Blackjack (and then a Samsung Epix) which I started to use the calendar and ditched the paper.  In 2011, I finally bought into Apple and I have tried to love and use the calendar since and have failed.

Last year, I noticed lots of Instagrammer show off their planners--whether they were Filofax, Erin Condren, or DYI planners.  But I was still convinced I would just need my iPhone which links to my Mac and iPad (and via the iCloud on my PC at work)...It's the same, right?  But I hate it...it is NOT the same at all.

Each calendar season (July?? and December??), I would find myself picking up the cutest planners up at Target and putting them back...not wanting to spend the $10 on them...Would I even use it?

Then last week, I was at Papyrus and seen the black striped Kate Spade 2015 agenda and I drooled over it...but I wanted the Gold one!  I ordered that baby online...paying more than I would ever want to pay, but I did it...I treated myself to a beautiful Planner!

Today, it finally came...

Pretty, right?  Well on the outside it is...

The pages inside are kinda thin...I mean look, you can see the back of the other page :( boo!  But despite that disappointment, I am excited to use a paper planner again.


  1. wow the papers are thin Linda! Last years model was not that thin! Crazy! It's still crazy beautiful! Congrats! You will love it as long as you dont buy another one. Thats was my mistake trying to work off two planners - not a good idea. Just use and love one :)
    I can't wait to see you at the EXPOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    1. I just realized that you can even see the "August" from the page before! I wish I would have opened up the one at the store and checked out the pages, but it was in a wrapper and I didn't want to ask to open it--ha ha ha.

      Thanks for the suggestion...I hope I use it even though it is thin :D


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