Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oahu 2008 (#3)

I've still been working on this Oahu mini album here and there.  I finally got through our second day on the island! (good thing there are only 5 days! ha ha ha)

The second day we hiked Diamond Head.

On the left side, I used the flyer I picked up from the the park.  It was an ugly green...I cut the "12 looking points" from the flyer and used it--easier than rewriting it all.  Then I found the map online (from the same flyer, but in white...I couldn't bare that green anymore) and just added a journal card in the corner saying what we ate for breakfast and an intro to where we went.

I used a variety of ampersands to show how we went up dirt trails & stairs & more stairs & a tunnel & even more stairs!  The "day" wood veneer actually said "today"...I just sawed off the "to" (that I can use later).

The views were amazing!!  I didn't need to add too much journaling here. :)  The last photo is our shadows...we didn't know that first shadow though. :)

I tried to use different parts of the trail for the photos on our way down.  

We were there for less than 2 hours and I only took 100 photos!!!  Or maybe that is a lot (about a photo per minute)...I usually take way more :)

The rest of the day was summed up on this layout...I had bought a waterproof digital camera and we tested it out in the pool...sorry for the scary underwater picture--ha ha ha.

I finally found a picture to use on the cover.

It was the perfect sized photo.  

I love the yellow mini album, but it is already dirt.  I am not sure how to clean it though...I am afraid to use water and ruin it.

Thank you for looking!


  1. Awesome! That hike is killer, isn't it?!? Hopefully you got your certificate when you got to the top, haha! When we went on our honeymoon and was about to take the hike, we saw a woman wearing stilettos leaving. Don't know if she actually went up, but I doubt it! Underwater disposable cameras are cool, too!

    1. Wait...there was a certificate? I didn't get one of those! Hahaha

      Why would anyone wear stilettos in Hawaii let alone to hike!!!

  2. Well, if you go all the way to the top, there's supposed to be someone at a desk who hands out certificates (I think it costs a couple of dollars though - donations). Yeah, I had a hard time walking up there and I was wearing sneakers!


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