Thursday, July 31, 2014

My first CAL

Back at the end of June, I seen this cute crocheted beach bag pattern by A Creative Being.  I can't remember if I found it via Pinterest, another blog, or Ravelry, but I loved the look of the bag.

Wink of A Creative Being was hosting a CAL...what is that you ask?  It is short for Crochet-A-Long. It is where a group comes together (via the web) and makes an item from the same pattern :D  I joined the Ravelry group and was so excited to make my bag along with other crocheters :)

I was even asking questions of the other was fun.  But then I got to the end of the pattern and tried to use metal rings as she did, I didn't like the way it came I unraveled a bit and just used holes like she explained we could do...I mean this isn't a contest to see who can make it exactly like she is just a guide, but she did recommend you could skip the metal rings :)  

Then I couldn't find rope or handles that I liked so I ended up braiding yarn for the rope and crocheting my own handles.

It is very Neapolitan ice cream :)

She was holding a contest which I missed by 2 weeks because I am slow!  But it was fun regardless :)

Thanks for looking!


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