Saturday, March 22, 2014

Scrapbook Expo 2014

Last weekend, I met up with Liz, Jossie, and Renee at the Scrapbook Expo in Pleasanton to crop and shop and shop :)  It was a great time.

We didn't get a picture of all 4 of us together (I don't know how since we are scrapbookers!).  Liz took a picture of Renee and I and I took a picture of Liz and Jossie, but I didn't like how I looked, so I won't be posting that :D

I set out and was only going to buy some card stock, which I got for a great deal.

The pink bag was free with the purchase of admission to the Expo along with these goodies.

And I knew I wanted to get some Amy Tangerine Plus One products, so here is what I came home with

I love the cute die set (I swore I wouldn't buy any more dies, but I couldn't resist…plus it was like $3 cheaper than online and no shipping!)  I still need to find some more of the line to complete the set (that's not obsessive, right? ha ha ha)

And I know I've sworn off roller stamps, but here are 4more I came home with...

The super duper big stamp was also like $3 cheaper than online!!

On 2Peas, I've heard rumors of this beautiful hard-to-find paper, so I had to buy some when I found it just sitting there calling my name.  "Buy me, Linda…buy me all…"  Good thing there were only 5 sheets left.

And some of the miscellaneous items I bought.  I love the cassette mask.  The Cozumel stickers are for my honeymoon album (that we took nearly 19 years ago!).  The ribbon matches eyelets I bought last year.  I bought more eyelets even though I said I wouldn't, but they had the cutest card on display.  And the 6x6 pad was ONLY $1! :)

Yes, I spent a little more than I had planned, but I had a great time.  Oh and the crop, we got our choice of paper packs with the price of admission.  

And what did I get done at the crop?  Little, very little ha ha ha…

I can't wait for next year!


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