Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Ever-Changing Craft Room

Last month, I shared one room of our home remodel…our Office/my craft room.

This was the room right after the remodel in 2007--yellow…against my husband's will.  Since then, I have made many changes through out.

Things that I hated about this room...
~yellow walls (yes, my husband warned me I would)
~open shelving on wall

2 years ago, I finally got the chance to pull everything out and paint it white :)  I also pulled everything off the walls because 5 years after I got my craft room, the wall was pretty much full of magazines and lots of paper…it was way too cluttered.

Seriously…who could be creative in this space!

Here was the update, up until last weekend.

But I was still not completely happy because my work area was so small…(this is a mock layout…normally I have more paper and embellishments I try to dig through on my desk)

I didn't have much room to spread everything out.  So I talked my husband into getting me a larger table.

I really wanted a 48 x 84 inch space, but that wouldn't be possible, so I settled for 39 x 79.  It gave me 14 more inches depth wise and 7 additional inches wide wise.

I love all the space I have now!

Here is the before and after side view

I love that my Ikea Raskog Cart now fits behind my desk!  I also have extra storage behind the cabinets for my crop roller cart and other stuff.

Another new addition I was able to add to my table was a Harbor Freight revolving bin that I've seen many crafters on Instagram and in the blogosphere use.

(before and after)

I still have to fill it up!  I may paint it someday, but for right now, black is part of my accent colors, so it will stay black for the time being.

I do love my updated space, but I am still wishing that:

1.  I had a bigger room
2.  I had a bigger window for natural light
3.  The door to the garage wasn't in this room
4.  I could have an Island (impossible because of 1 & 3 above)
5.  I had longer arms because I really can't reach into the corner now or the back wall very easily ha ha ha.

But none of those can be changed, so for now (until we win the lottery) I will be content with my space.  

Thanks for looking!


  1. Linda love your pretty white space! My desk is black and its just awful.. your white looks so beautiful! Happy crafting!

    1. Thank you, Jossie! Maybe put a craft mat on the top of your desk so it will break up the color…maybe a pink one? :D

  2. The white walls just makes it look brighter, doesn't it?!? (Mine is still partially green!) Can't wait to see how you use the revolving tray!

    1. Thank you! I can't see what you do with your tray too!!


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