Friday, February 21, 2014

My Next Life's Career (a Flashback Friday)

I love watching HGTV and the DIY Network.  I can watch the shows all day and I really love the competition shows...David Bromstad was awesome!

I turn on either channel and get hooked on show after show after show...although I am done watching Love It or List It...same thing every time and they are quite annoying...

The shows always make me wish I had unlimited money to do the things they do.

Anyway, lately my favorite show is Rehab Addict!  I've always loved Before and After shows, but this one is just different.

1) She restores old homes...have I ever told you I LOVE old houses?  Basement--Plus, Attic space--PLUS PLUS  (I used to love to watch This Old House when I was a teen!)


2) She is a girl!!  And she is rocking it doing a lot of the renovations herself!

So last night, I was watching a few episodes of her show and I yell over to the next room and told my husband that "when we win the lottery, I want to flip houses".  He yells back...ok.

That might seem a bit weird, but we actually did some of the renovations on our home ourselves.  I mean we didn't hang the cabinets, but I picked out each of the cabinets I wanted and made the layout of our new kitchen on graphing paper :)  

My husband happily tore out our old kitchen, our 2 bathrooms, and the old 70's room.  The latter was to make my craft room :)

Here is the before and after of our "That 70's Show" room (seriously…they had that fireplace in the back ground of the living room on the show!!) to the first draft of my craft room :)

So flipping houses could totally be something that we could totally do!  I really wish I was Nicole Curtis.  Maybe someday I can be...

...all I have to do is win the lottery :D 

(ok, yes, I know I won't be looking that hot doing it, but I am ok with that ha ha ha.)

I am thinking about posting our home renovation pics maybe one Friday a month…I don't know.  Gotta get my portfolio started someday, right? ha ha ha  Still thinking about it :D

Thanks for looking.


  1. love your craft room! :)

    it looks so organized!

    1. Thank you :) My room no longer looks like this though. It seems like crafter's are never satisfied and are always looking for ways to improve (and add!) to their space :D

  2. Dang, I forgot about that fireplace! I'm gonna get you a tool belt : )

    1. I think I might have a tool belt somewhere ha ha ha. :D


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