Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Disneyland 2001 Album Redo Series (#5)

Yes, it is another Disneyland layout.  Sorry for all the same subject posts, but because of this mess...

...I cannot get to any other of my projects.  (Please don't judge me--ha ha ha…this is the last of our summer garage clean out!)  I suppose I could go through these boxes instead of scrapbooking, but what fun is that?  Plus, if I don't complete this album now (I think I am halfway done), I won't ever finish it.

(I will have to plow through those boxes before March 15, though because I will be going to the Scrapbook Expo and my rolling tote is in the corner of that mess :D )

Onto the layout...

This Dumbo layout was inspired by this page on TwoPeas.  I loved the brown, mustard/gold, blue color combination.  Then I thought--hey can I add grey, too?  Off to Pinterest I went and found that yes, gray (grey?) would go with this combination.

Almost perfect shades that I wanted to used...Although, I would have used the colors anyway, but I like to see I wasn't going too far off the spectrum :)

Here is the layout that had 3 of the 4 photos before:

*The other photos are included in other aspects of the album now…except that last photo…Like my Pooh sticker on the Jungle Cruise?  The photo came out super dark so I think I am going to leave that out of the album.  The "heart" photo…I was able to lighten it, but it was pretty grainy.  It did get placed on another page…how can a Disneyland album be complete without a picture of the kids on the Carousel???  And I totally cut it out of the photo originally!  (I will share it later.)

And now for the after:

I love this photo of my son...he was about 4 1/2 here and was so tired.  Then I found the cutest vintage Dumbo (via Pinterest) and it was so perfect!  Dumbo has the same sleepy eyes and my son is wearing my husband's hat that has a brim is too big for my son's Dumbo's ears :)

Thank you for looking!


  1. what a cuite pie! I hate that our kids grow up but thank goodness we have pictures to see their weet faces!
    thanks for inspiring me Linda, I have boxes and albums of my kids when they were little - i will def have to go back and scrap them :)

    1. Yes, I think age 4 is probably the best age! ha ha ha.

      eek…thank you for saying I inspire you :D That is so nice to hear :D

      there is no expiration date on photos…so scrapbook them!!! All of them :D


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