Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Tourist in Our Own Town

…well sort of…

We live about an hour south of San Francisco, but we visit the City a lot.  Even though we take day trips there, I have yet to scrapbook our trips.

This past December, while at the SF Bazaar, I found the cutest Zigzag City Guides for Kids.  Even though my kids are 17 and 18, I figured I could use the cards to scrapbook our past trips.

Well, when I finally opened up the package a few weeks later, I notice there was a card about a Disney Museum--wha-what?  I didn't know there was a Disney Museum so close to me!  The pack of cards also made me realize that there was so much in San Francisco that I've never seen or done before!  I mean we always go to Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39 and we have gone to plenty of San Francisco Giants games, but I've never been to the Exploratorium and we've never taken the kids on the Crookedest Street…and I have never been to Alcatraz!!!  I know, right…where have I been living, under a rock? (no, pun intended :D )

And so the challenge began to visit all these places and more--my bucket list of sorts.

In January, I invited my mom and two nieces to take a trip with me and my daughter.  The Museum is in the Presidio (which is another City Guide card and is pretty big so we will have to take another trip just to see that whole place).

The museum was a bit different than I expected, but interesting for 4 of the 5 of us (my youngest niece is 5 and I think she was kinda bored…good thing she was free).  The museum is actually called The Walt Disney Family Museum and it is more about the history of his life and how he started out in cartoons, then movies and finally it showed his journey to create the Happiest Place on Earth.  

Each month, they play a different movie and in January, they were playing Mary Poppins which we all loved…I was so excited we were going to get a "free" movie with the cost of admission.  It had been so many years since I seen that movie--I remember singing all the songs (I might have even had the Mary Poppins album!), so it was a big surprise that it was sssssooooo long!  I didn't realize it was a 2 1/2 hour movie!  Again that is a bit long for the 5 year-old, but the rest of us enjoyed it.

Since we went, I have been wanting to do a layout and I finally got a chance this past week.

I realize it is a bit busy!  I struggled over it for a few days then I was like--it is what it is :/ (The pictures themselves aren't as grainy as they look in this picture.  I took this photo with my iPhone in low light to reduce the glare from the page protectors.)

I used the Simple Stories Say Cheese line and I cut out the silhouette of Mickey with my Cameo.  I tried to cut the "The Walt Disney Family Museum" logo with his face on the Cameo, but I couldn't figure it out…then I thought to myself I can just print it, duh!  So I printed it :D

The girls took a picture with a black-and-white cutout of Walt and my daughter made them black and white posted it on Instagram with #backintheday.  I had to use it on my layout.  The bottom left is a bad picture of the girls and my mom in the theater waiting for Mary Poppins to start.  There was a picture of a mural by Mary Blair.  I took a photo of the floor near the bathroom because it was so cute and colorful!  There was a bench from the park where Walt would sit and watch his daughters play--the place where he thought up Disneyland.  Then there was also a 13 foot scaled model of Disneyland towards the end.  Kinda a lot to fit on 2 pages, but it had to be done.

Since the City Guide cards have information on the back, I was trying to figure out how I was going to place them in my album.

The arrow sticker says "Lift".

Look!  Hidden Journaling :D  This was a bad attempt at cutting through the page protector.  I guess practice makes perfect :D

Thank you for looking!


  1. Girl love this page! I have not opened my box of cards at all!! Love the way you created the journaling card especially!
    You amaze me :)
    so glad we are friends :)

    1. That is funny because you actually have a little guy that could use the cards ha ha ha.

      Thank you!!! Yes, I am happy we met :D

  2. Great layout! Way to use your stuff ; )


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