Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Throwback Tuesday :)

{The journaling reads "4 Roundtrip airfare tickets…$X.  Rental car for 4 days…$X.  Hotel stay for 3 nights…$X.  16 tickets to 4 games…$X.  First trip to the Giants Spring Training…Priceless"
during that time, the Priceless commercial was popular.  The actual prices are inside the envelop.  I figured it might be fun for future generations to see how much things cost in 2007…I'm actually wondering what the costs were now…ha ha ha}

I made this layout a long time ago…2007!  (This photo is one of my favorites still!)  In March 2007, we took our kids (10 and 11 at the time) to the San Francisco Giants Spring Training in Arizona.

While we were there, we drove around and seen the ASU campus.  I seen a couple of girls in short shorts and bikini tops walking across the street from the campus.

I turned to my husband and said, "Aaron is not going to college here!  He is going to college in Alaska where the girls have to wear parkas to class!"

Fast forward 7 years…my son got accepted to ASU!  It is not at the top of his list yet, but there is a possibility he may go were it is so hot that the girls walk around practically naked!!!  

Now my family is trying to tell me that we need to go visit the campus this March (while Spring Training is going on--ha ha ha). 

For now, I will just remember my sweet 10 year-old.

Thanks for letting me share my excitement.


  1. Love both those pictures! Congrats to Aaron...ASU and hot girsls here he comes?! hee! hee!


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