Thursday, January 2, 2014

San Francisco Bazaar--Craft Fair

Nearly a month ago, I ventured out with Liz and Jossie to attend the San Francisco Bazaar.

I love going to craft fairs.  They are inspiring, but I really wish I was a billionaire, so I could support all the local artists!

Here is my loot from the fair.

From Tint & Tonic I purchased some "beach-like" hair sprints to see if I could tame my hair (haven't tried it yet) and orange hair chalk (for my daughter).

From Hello! Lucky, I found the cutest Christmas cards--that I never sent out :/

Then we met the nicest girl, Meagan, from Brown Pigeon.  I bought her book because she was so sweet!  I have no idea if I will ever make my own stamps :/

After she signed my book, she posed for a picture with me (photo courtesy of Liz).

We found the Zig Zag City Guide booth and I fell in love with the cute cartoon cards.  I do not have a young child, but I think I can use the cards for scrapbooking.  I was going to get the New York City set, until I seen the Giants card…then I had to get the San Francisco set!!

And finally, we walked back around and I bought a cute knitted hat for my Goddaughter from Nisey Knits because I loved the look, but I cannot knit! 

I spent a little more than I would have normally spent, but it is going to local artists!!  I did collect a lot of cute business cards along the way.

I seriously wish I could have bought an item from everyone!  Such talent San Francisco!!!

Then we headed over to Typo in the Stonestown Galleria.  They had lots of funny stamps, but I only bought 3 along with the cutest vintage looking photos.

Isn't the bag so cute!

And my fabulous friends gave me the cutest bag of goodies.

Jossie initialed this mug for me :)

And don't laugh, but no fair is complete without a trip to the Magnolia PhotoBooth.

Yes, we had a fun silly time!


  1. OMG LOOOOOOOOOOVE this post! SO FUN! and boy you did buy a lot! lol
    Such a great day! You are also very funny! Glad I found you friend! :)

    1. Thanks...yeah how crazy we found each other (birthday twins) via Instagram!!!

    2. I didn't know you guys shared a birthday!?! Easy for me to remember!;)

  2. Oh wow! Looks like so much fun and how great of you to help out those artists w/ a few purchases here and there! Love that you included pictures of yourself... I don't think I have ever seen a picture of you! LOL!
    And maybe you can learn to knit this year; you are fabulous when it comes to your other yarn-related crafts! :0)

    1. Thank you :) I try and save the internet from pictures of me ha ha ha.

  3. Cute stuff! Looks like you had a great time. Nicole loves her hat ~ thanks : )

    1. yay! That makes me happy because I always struggle with gifts :D

  4. The photo booth pics crack me up! Esp. love the ones with Jossie closing her eyes, haha!

    1. We tried so hard to get one good one--ha ha ha. That is what having too much fun is all about :D


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