Monday, January 20, 2014

My new Toy--Silhouette Cameo

This past Thanksgiving, I won a Silhouette Cameo from Paper Crafts Magazine.  I mean what are the odds!!!  I was so excited.

Then I waited and waited and waited.  I had thought (and hoped) that my husband and kids had intercepted the package and were going to wrap it for Christmas--no such luck.  Then I thought it was a joke or worse, it was delivered to the wrong house! 

Then finally on December 30, I heard UPS drop something at the door (not even with a knock) and I opened the door and the clouds parted and the angels sung...ha ha ha...ok, that was just in my crazy head.

It was finally here!!

For Christmas, I had asked for a Gift Certificate to Silhouette America (not Silhouette Online not sure why they have to have two separate entities that aren't interchangable, but that is the way it is) so I could buy the Designer Edition of the software when it went on sale (it was 40% off on Black Friday, but I wanted the machine in my hands before I got the software)--I am cheap and need to use a coupon!  Anyway, this past weekend, because of CHA, there were a few 30% off coupon out there...I went back and forth whether I should buy it...or wait to see if maybe I could get it for 40% off...yeah I know!!!  I finally got it along with a teal cover and some canvas paper.  Less my certificate, I only paid 60 cents :D

And last weekend, Joann's had a 32 cent shipping sale and the fabric blade was 40% I scored that for cheap too!

Have I used it yet?...YES!!!  I've cut 3 items. 

I had gotten a clear iPhone case in October and I still hadn't put any decorative paper inside, so I found this free cut from Get Silvered Craft and made pretty cover for my phone.

Then I cut this coffee cup (I bought the cut right after Black Friday when the files were 50 cents a piece!).  I've made crocheted coffee cozies in the past and want an easy way to cut a "coffee cup" to put the cozy on. 

(sorry the green stripes clash with the blue cozy)

Then I found this SVG New Year's file from and made a card for my crafty aunt.

Ok, seriously, I have a cheapness problem ha ha ha.  I am all about the free cuts.  The machine came with a $10 download card and I've only spent $2 on clearance cuts.  Did you know every Tuesday, not only do they have a free cut to download, but they have different cuts on clearance...EVERY WEEK!!!!  But if you have time and search the web there are a lot of similar cuts that are free. 

I really hope to use the machine often.

My only negative right now is that the mat is super sticky!  I had read to rub a cotton shirt on it to make it less sticky, but I didn't listen and the gold paper I used was kinda thin and really hard to take off.


  1. so excited for you! you have cut on your more than I and I have had mine for almost a year!!!!!!!!!!!
    So happy for you! You deserved this beautiful machine!

    1. Thank need to just take it out and play around with it :)

  2. That's so great that you've used it! How is the software??? I think that will be my next purchase from there!:)

    1. I am still getting used to the software. I was used to the Cricut software and now I have to still figure out what all the icons do :D It is supposed to be better with the erase tool and it has a ruler instead of just the grid lines. Also, you can use SVG files. That is the main reason I got it :)

  3. Thanks so much for the super cute card : )
    Cheers to a very creative, fun year of crafting!


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