Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Crocheted items

In November and December, I crocheted 6 hats and an infinity scarf for my co-worker.

So of course I'd love to share them :)

These first two hats were kind of trial and error.  I used this pattern to figure out the edge, but I had to keep redoing them because they would either be too big or too small…but I finally got it just right :)  The first hat, I did a double crochet (not the stitch in the pattern at all).

This second hat, unlike the pattern, I used an alternating single crochet and double crochet to get the look.

Then I made my first infinity scarf (this was before my scarf turned infinity).  This was also a trial and error.  I first made it too short, then I made it too long…finally I got it just right :D (I totally need to stick to patterns).  It is supposed to go with the hat above, so I did the alternating single crochet, double crochet stitch throughout the scarf.

Then I made these easy double crochet hats for 2 boys and 1 guy.

And finally, I made this hat.  It was requested by my co-worker, but I seriously wasn't happy with the outcome…I guess I just didn't like the look.  But my daughter said she totally liked it (I think that is a big plus) and my co-worker said she loved it--but she wanted it so would she say she hated it?  This one I did use a pattern from Red Heart.

Thank you for looking!


  1. Love all the hats! I like the heads too! You have been a busy crafty girl!!!

  2. You have been a busy crafter : ) Cute, cute stuff! I'm in love with the gray infinity scarf!


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