Saturday, January 25, 2014

Disneyland 2001 Album Redo Series (#2)

Last night, after posting about my goal to re-scrapbook our Disneyland album, I was full of energy to start.  So for the first time in I don't know how long, I scrapbooked (not Project Life style).

When I opened the album, I had found that I had already started to scrapbook a page.  But after trying to complete it, I knew I had to start over.  The background paper it was on was too distracting.

Anywho…Here is the "before" page:

Again with all the stickers.  And the main reason I wanted to ditch my original scrapbook…I cut out around the photos…major fail!

And here is the "after":

The photos were already stuck to the vellum on my first attempt to redo this page, so I left them.

I had messed up and wrote "here" instead of "her" on my journaling and I didn't want to waste the paper, so I fixed it by adding a rhinestone, then randomly placing them on the journaling.  I had also messed up and wrote "favorite's" instead of "favorites"…again saved by the rhinestones.

I did struggle with the title though…but rhinestones fix everything, right?  I might have over "blinged" it ha ha ha.

See the top right?  I made a Mickey Mouse with the rhinestones :)

Well thanks for looking.


  1. omg! I do the same thing! I always misspell everything! Love the after layout! Isn't that so fun about scrapbook pages - you can go back and change them!

    1. glad I'm not the only one :) Even when I try and write it out first on a scratch paper, I still end up messing something up.

  2. Super cute! Love the rhinestone Mickey and the inked vellum : )

  3. I like it! Not over-blingy at all! And I love your clever idea for fixing your "oopsies"!


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