Friday, January 24, 2014

Disneyland 2001 Album Redo Series (#1)

One of the items on my "2014 Scrapbooking Goals" is to complete our 2001 Disneyland trip.  Now when I first started to scrapbook in 2003, our 2001 Disney trip was one of the first scrapbooks I had completed.

Then, "why?", do you ask, do I have it on my "To Do" list this year?  Well a few years ago, I decided to redo this album.  I know there are a lot of people that do not go back and re-scrapbook their albums, but I have learned so much since I scrapbooked this album with no direction and feel like I need to start over with it.

Around 2005, I had taken some classes at a couple of Scrapbook Expos.  Two of those class were Disneyland layout classes.  The class was taught by a now closed scrapbook store, Remember When :(

I used two of those 2-page layouts to redo a couple of pages so far, but I hope to complete the album this year.  This might not be too big of a challenge since in 2001, I was not taking as many pictures as I do now.  I might have had 2 rolls of film during that trip.  Yep, I just counted and I had a measly 46 pictures from that whole trip!!!! Wow, life with a digital camera (and camera phone) has sure changed the amount of pictures I now take.

So this is my "before" Title page:
I still really love the "Mickey" hats I made and will probably incorporate them somewhere else in the album.

Now here is the "Remember When" layout along with other pictures I took from the album:

Here is the second "before" layout:
I really love Pooh!  But these stickers are so dated :)  I am sure my 80's 11 year-old self would have loved these in her sticker book!

And here is another "Remember When" layout:

The layout actually was made for Pooh!  These stickers came with the class kit and are more modern than my Dollar Store stickers above.

**I will note how scrapbooking as evolved for me.  Even in the "After" layout, I am reading my journaling now and do not like that I am talking about myself in 3rd person--ugh, but I will leave it.

I love the pages made in class, but I will be honest that I am sure the other pages will not follow the same styling techniques.  I have a really hard time layering like they do in classes.  

I've already re-scrapbooked 9 of the 46 pictures and I have also learned that I do not have to scrapbook every picture I take…so I may be done in no time at all.

Thank you for looking.  I was inspired to share these layouts since my crafty Aunt Renee just shared her Disney layouts…she is new to scrapbooking and already knows not to use deco scissors :) and I think I finally got her into the cult--um, I mean hobby :D


  1. omg you are so funny! cult!? lol love it! the layouts are cute and your kids were so tiny! That is so awesome that you have been scrapping all this time! I hope I never fall out of love with preserving my families memories.

    1. yes, it is fun to look back on how young they were :)


  2. The Mickey hats are so cute!! I really like how you framed the kids with the Mickey ears in the re-do - "rolls of film"~ ahaha! memories...
    Can't wait to see what's next!

    1. Thank you…I realized later I didn't mention that I framed them…they were "lost" in the picture…so I had to focus in on them :D


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