Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Blanket (Raiders--boo!)

I know I've been posting a lot of crocheted items lately.  But I think this will be the last one for a while.  I really want to scrapbook more this year.  I even made a list of items I want to complete this year.

Anyway, my husband's friends have been having babies recently!  This is the 3rd baby blanket I've made in the last 18 months for his friends.  Unfortunately, this friend is a Raider fan (boo!) ha ha ha.

It actually took me 19 weeks to work on it because I'd put it down and not think about it for a while.  Then I had to wait to see if they were having a boy or girl (It's a girl--3 football color blankets...3 girls!  ha ha ha).  I used a basic granny square pattern for 45 rounds, then 3 hdc rounds and finally a shell (to make it girly)…the result was 49 rounds…hmmm…coincidence?  I think not! :D  (Let's go Niners!)  It is actually a bit big, but that means they can use it on the floor and use it into the toddler years.

Thanks for looking!  And wish me luck that I make time to scrapbook soon!


  1. Girl I'm a raider fan and this blanket is fab! Your post does crack me up! Im laughing to myself in the courtroom!

    1. ah...I won't hold that against you :D ha ha brothers, mom and uncles are all Raider fans...I just like giving them a hard time :)

  2. Cute! Is your pic in black and white?! lol : )

  3. It's still a cute blanket! It's not like it says Raiders on it. It just looks like a very modern baby blanket for a fashionista mama!;)


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