Saturday, December 28, 2013

An Elf on the Shelf Alternative

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  (can I say that?)  I hope everyone had a wonderful [insert the Holiday you celebrate here] :D

It has been a while since I have blogged, but I wanted to share my Tinkerbell on the Shelf with those that do not follow me on Instagram.

For the past few years, Elf on the Shelf has been all the craze at Christmas time.  I really enjoyed seeing people post their elf doing crazy things, but my kids are teenagers, so I never thought I would do it.

This year, my daughter went off to college and I wanted her to feel our Christmas spirit at home, so I thought 'hey…I want to do something like the Elf'.  I searched for either a Grinch doll or Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas, but when I saw this Tinkerbell in an elf-like dress, I knew I had to get her!

The first two days of December, my daughter was still at home for the Thanksgiving holiday, so Tinkerbell stayed in the bathroom.

Day 1: It says "I [mustache] you when are you leaving so I can sleep in your room?"

Day 2:  She made snowflakes from Q-tips

Day 3:  She decorated the small tree my daughter has in her room.

Day 4:  A few of the Holiday Barbies joined her to reenact the "Call Me Maybe" Harvard baseball YouTube video.  This video was popular last year, but it holds a funny memory to us from when we visited Miami in 2012.

Day 5:  Tinkerbell made a paper chain to count the days until my daughter came home from school.

Day 6:  Tinkerbell glittered the poinsettias in her room

Day 7:  Saturday--she spent the day watching all the seasons of Jersey Shore--she is doing the fist pump here :D

Day 8:  She got a couple Holiday Barbies to do a Photo Booth shoot

Day 9:  My daughter LOVES A Christmas Story movie…so Tink was Triple Dogged Dared to stick her tongue on the frozen pole.

Day 10:  My daughter (although 18) has a Bucket-O-Soldiers--Tink opened the tub and they attacked her :D

Day 11:  The only show that my whole family watches together is Survivor.  We have had a ton of conversations of who would be voted out first of the 4 of us…Tinkerbell agrees it would be me.  It is really on my daughter's bucket list to be on Survivor :)

Day 12:  One of my favorite Christmas movies is Elf.  "We elves like to stick to the four main food groups…Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corn, and Syrup" ~ Buddy the Elf.  I tried looking for candy corn because I know they come out with pastel ones during Easter, but didn't find any at Target.  But a few weeks after this picture, I seen that Walmart had some :/

Day 13:  This happened to be Friday the 13th and I am a big horror movie fan.  My photo had the Spice Girls…a Jason mask and knife…red ribbon…a broken head of one of the dolls…but I was told I couldn't post it because it was too demented--ha ha ha…so Instagram (and the blogosphere) could only see Tinkerbell's horror face.

Day 14:  Tinkerbell stole my phone to help me on Candy Crush.

Day 15:  All our M&M figurines took a photo with Tink.

Day 16:  Like me, Tinkerbell loves to crochet and made herself a stocking.

Day 17:  She was trying to help my daughter study for her finals

Day 18:  Wishing my daughter luck on her finals 

Day 19:  We had to kick Tinkerbell out of my daughter's room, she wasn't happy and tried to keep my daughter out :)

Day 20:  She made some tiny snowmen from marshmallows to decorate my snowman tree

Day 21:  She found the copy machine and copied herself

Day 22:  She made a "Tink's last weekend party" flyer from the previous day and since we weren't home that night, she had a party with some Peppermint Schnapps and the Holiday Barbies.

Day 23:  The Holiday Barbies made her an honorary Holiday Barbie and she fit right in my display posing.

Day 24:  She sat on Santa's lap and sang "Santa Baby"

Day 25:  Merry Christmas!  She crossed out Santa's name and let the kids think she brought them all their gifts!

I have to say this was fun, but it is A LOT OF WORK!!!  I don't know how parents do this every single year!  

Because my daughter was away and we were actually gone one of the weekends, some of the photos were taken days in advance.  Pinterest gave me lots of ideas.  I think the only thing I had to buy was the candy for the Elf shoot.  Other than that, I had everything from my craft room.  

My favorite (well besides the Friday the 13th one--ha ha ha) was the Survivor photo.  I was so excited to make the buff, torch, and immunity idol--all with stuff in my craft room (and the printer).

Thanks for reading…

Hope you have a safe and fun New Year!


  1. I love alllll these pics! How much fun you must of had! Some I did not see on IG and so thankful I got to see them here! Super cute and I def love your version with Tink!

  2. Ha Ha What Fun! The elf thing hasn't seem to have reached Australia yet (Thank goodness - I think he's a tad creepy.) But your version I like :) Tinkerbell is very cute!

    1. Thank you :) I've heard a lot of people think the Elf is a bit creepy ha ha ha.


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