Thursday, November 7, 2013

I am a crochet Minion :)

Early in October, my co-worker told me her daughter wanted them to all dress up as Minions from the movie Despicable Me (and Despicable Me 2).  I told her to look on Pinterest for all the cool ideas.  As we were browsing, I mentioned I could totally make the crochet hats we seen.  So I was "hired" to do the job (hired as in I only charge for materials--hey I am already just sitting there watching tv, might as well be crocheting something :D then she surprised me with a Starbucks gift card and lunch--woo hoo!).

I made 2 children's hats with detachable goggles (patterns are linked).  I only use the goggles pattern as a guide though.  I actually used pipecleaners as the base of the eye part to make it a bit sturdier.  Also, I used elastic in the back so that they would be a little less prone to fall off their heads.

They looked exactly the same--so I won't post them both :)

Then I made this adult hat with arms for my co-worker.  When I showed my son the pattern, he told me that I would not be able to do it--Challenged Accepted (totally got that phrase from How I Met Your Mother).  In the end she opted to not have the mouth, but still wanted the arms.

Then I made a men's hat and small teen hat out of the same pattern.  I used a combination of patterns to put this one together.

And finally, I made a slouchy hats for the teen.  I used a pattern I found via Ravelry.  

Edited to add:  But then she wanted it a bit more slouchier and the eyes connected, so I changed the above to this

My co-worker wanted me to make the eyes to be "rolled" eyes like most teens do on a daily basis :)

All the "hair" is made from black pipecleaners.  I could have used yarn, but my co-worker gave me this better alternative idea.

They were a hit!  They got compliments all night and both of the kids teachers wanted one.  Since I had extra yellow yarn, I made her two more hats for the teachers :D  (A total of 8 minion hats!--that is more than 1/2 the kids that came to my house for candy this year--ha ha ha...we got 13 trick-or-treaters.)

I have only watched the first movie...maybe when I am not tired of looking at minions anymore I will watch the second movie :)


  1. so cute! Love the hats and boy oh boy you were busy!!!
    when I retire I am going to hire you to teach me how to knit!

    1. Thank you! Any time you want to learn :D

  2. That's soooo cute, Linda! Oh my gosh. Had I known, I would have for-real hired you to make one for my nephew 'coz that was the theme for his birthday recently!:)

    1. Ah. I would have totally made one. I'm actually cheap because I enjoy crocheting and making people happy :)

  3. OMG those are so cute!
    You are very talented!

  4. So cute! You should totally sell those.

    1. Thank you! too much competition out there though :D


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