Saturday, October 5, 2013

World Cardmaking Day (Halloween)

Today is World Cardmaking Day.  I didn't have time to make any today, but I thought I would share the Halloween cards I've made over the past 3 years.

These were on my Etsy shop that is currently closed.

These two were mailed out to my daughter and aunt this season.

And these three were mailed out a few years ago to my nieces, nephew, and aunt (2 of which were probably toss away too soon!).

Every year, I swear I will not buy any more Halloween paper.  And every year, I usually pick up a pack at Michaels on clearance :D  


  1. Love your cards! I'm so jelly! I can't create a card if my life depended on it!!!!!!!!! love the spooky people poppin off your cards!

    1. Thank you :) I think Pinterest helped me out with the ideas :)

  2. I love my card - thanks again ; )


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