Saturday, October 19, 2013

My trip to Ikea--Raskog purchase!!!

Ikea is like go in for one specific thing and leave scratching your head asking "how did I spend so much?" and "what the heck did I just buy?" ha ha ha.

Unless you live right down the street from one...the trip to Ikea is pretty rare.  I've been there before (maybe 3 or 4 times), but always with my family so we go in and get out as fast as possible.  Today, I made the journey by myself :D  

I went specifically for the Raskog cart.  I've seen lots of crafty ladies on Instagram and 2peas fill their carts beautifully and I have been drooling over it for a while.

It was so easy to put together...isn't it so pretty!!  The best part is it matches my turquoise accents in my room! (They do have a dark grey though--if you don't want turquoise.)

I really wanted these Antonius insert, but I could not for the life of me find them.  

I went through the Marketplace and found where the Antonius items were, but there weren't any inserts.  At the end, I searched on the Ikea computer and the computer said it was in stock and located in the "Secondary Storage"...ok, where is that?--couldn't find that on my map.  I made my way backward through the Marketplace, then again through the maze looking more closely.  Still nothing--boo!  Maybe it was upstairs, but I wasn't willing to trek back to the elevator to go through the entire building again.

At the end, before checking out, I looked through my cart again and realized I really didn't need to get some of the stuff I have put in there, but I really didn't want to just leave it there (working in retail for 2 years trained me to never leave items willy nilly throughout the store :D ) and I definitely didn't want to work my way through the maze yet again to put the stuff it all came home with me--ha ha ha.

What is all that?

4 hanging Bygel Containers (99 cents a piece--woo hoo!)
(Because I am boring, I just got the dark grey--I didn't see any white--otherwise those would have come home with me instead.)

20-piece Dragon flatware set (12.99)--I probably didn't need this at all since there were only 4 place setting--I have no idea why I bought these.  Maybe I will just hold onto them until one of my kids move out.

50-pack Blue napkins (1.99)--for my son's graduation party--in May!!!  Why?  No clue why I bought these either--but these definitely weren't going to be put back where I got them since I picked them up at the beginning of the maze!

Red Wrapping paper (1.99) cute for Christmas

Floor Mat (19.99) I had to get this because I needed a floor mat in my office without those poky things on the bottom and this one doesn't have them--although the picture looks like it does. 

2 Samla containers (3.99 each) since I couldn't find the Antonius insert.
(I wish I had gotten a 3rd one--ugh!)

Kvissle Whiteboard--this was my total score of the day.  $7.99 regularly $29.99!!!  They don't have it online since it was on clearance.
(it looks weird in this pic, but it is basically glass with a white background.)  Did I need this, NO!  But I could NOT pass up that deal.  ahahaha...see Ikea = Costco! :)

I was there for 2 hours!  And it was so relaxing not hearing "are you done yet?", "what do you need that for?", or "when are we leaving?".  But by the end, I realized, I was that person in everyone's way--ha ha ha...the person I curse under my breathe because they aren't moving very fast ha ha ha ha.  I did get a little workout because of the way their carts move, my left foot hurts from trying to keep the cart straight.  It hurts like when you have just been roller skating after years of not know your left foot hurts from using it to push off to go?  Maybe it is just me ha ha ha.

I will have to have a separate post sharing how I fill up my cart.  I have plenty to put inside.  I really wished I had gotten better inserts though...I like the Samlas, but the handle in the center wastes precious storage space, you know :)


  1. Love your cart! Can't wait to see how you fill it up. I like how you got napkins to use in May - lol!

    1. Thank you! What is it about certain stores that you want to buy as much as possible--ha ha ha...Like I couldn't find blue napkins at the party store--ha ha ha ha

  2. OMG! I am sooooooo jelly! i looove your cart! I love love reading your posts! They are so funny! I def understand the whole cart walking to the side buisness- not fun! Do blog once your cart is filled! Happy Crafting girlie!!!

    1. Thank you! It was fun filling it all up :)


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