Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ikea Raskog Cart and Organization

As promised, I am sharing my filled up Raskog cart.

But first I have to show the "before" storage pictures.

This picture doesn't even do justice the amount of stickers I had.  They used to be housed in a 3 inch binder that was quite full (kicking myself for not taking a picture of it before).

I went through them all and below is the give away pile.  I'll let my daughter go through them first, then the rest will be donated to a Girl Scout troop.

Next up was my "junk" drawer.  Embellishments used to pour out of this drawer.  I didn't get rid of too much from here.

Both my huge binder of stickers and my "junk" drawer fit nicely in my top basket.  The binder will be recycled and the drawer will now house only Christmas embellishments.  (and I still have some room in this top basket!)

You will notice two of the storage cups are full.  One with my "bling" and the other is just a mishmash of items--we'll call it my "junk" cup :D

The next basket was for my scrap papers.  They used to be housed in this accordion storage.

Now I can easily flip through all my small pieces of paper...I do keep too many small scraps--someday I'll fix that.  I also placed my 4.5 x 6.5 paper pads in this basket.

You will see another cup filled with my wood veneer items :)

At first, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the bottom basket, but I was pulling out my Halloween mini album (hopefully to be posted about on Halloween) and I noticed because where it was stored, some of the letters fell off as well as a flower.  So I figured if I stored them in their own basket they wouldn't be smashed again--hopefully.

 I don't have too many mini albums...the majority in the basket are Christmas cards from previous years that I had bound together years ago.  Hopefully seeing them will remind me to look through them more often.

So far, I love being able to just roll the cart up next to my desk and flip through items to find the right embellishment or paper without having to dig through the drawer and put everything back or flip through the heavy binder of stickers.  Totally worth the investment :D


  1. Nice! Did you also get the plastic container with the different compartments? (I couldn't tell from the pictures.) I'm making my way to Ikea tomorrow so we'll see if I come home with one of these babies as well!:)

    1. I didn't find the containers with the different compartments that I have seen people have online, but I did get some insert containers with handles.

      I hope you were able to get yours :)

  2. Good job! Looks great! Makes me want to scrap though and I can't right now! Booo!

  3. Super cute! Love that color - it matches your craft room : )

    1. Thanks! I got lucky that it matched! I am trying so hard not to stay with my "safe" black/white palette all the time :)


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