Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I have been in the market for a manual typewriter for a while.  Last year, I even dragged my husband to San Juan Baustista to look through all the antique stores.  They had some (one store had quite a few), but they were more vintage (aka expensive) than I wanted.  This past August, I talked him into going back because there was an antique fair going on.  Again, no such luck at a great find.  He is a good sport though because he also took me to the DeAnza Flea Market in September--where there was one, but not at a good price--and I am not very good at negotiating.

So this past Sunday, my friends, Liz and Jossie, and I went to the monthly Alameda Antique Fair.

Wow is all I can say.  That place is huge!!!

(this was the view of San Francisco--to the left is the market)

There were lots of vintage items.  I would have loved to buy so many things, but I would not know what to do with them!

Like this speaker from a drive-in movie theater.  Cute, but not for $35?!?!

Jossie made out like a bandit in the few hours she was able to attend.  Liz got a few items.  For me, it took me an hour and a half before I made my first purchase ha ha ha.

Then I finally found a typewriter at a reasonable price.  Although I had seen this same model on Craigslist for $5 cheaper down the street from me.  Oh well...it was all about the day.  I had purchased this item towards the back of the fair and I thought I could carry it around, but luckily the clouds parted and there was a vendor that had a granny cart for sale...10 bucks...done deal! 

Did I mention that the fair was humongous?!  Liz and I were there for 5 hours...and we didn't even stop that often.  Talk about being sore...then we were in such a hurry to get into the fair, we didn't bother looking to see what aisle we parked in (it was aisle V!!!) and that made the trek back to the car dreadful ha ha ha.

Any whoo...I got out of there with only spending $52.  Breakdown:

Typewriter $35

(I've named it Buck. Why?  On the side, it had a sticker that said "Property of Buck.  You touch it, I'll breaka (sic) your head") (as I was taking the label off I realized I forgot to take a picture first :/ )

Cart to lug the typewriter around in $10

Cigar box $6 (I am not sure what I am going to do with it--I kinda just bought it because after an hour and a half I was just wanted to buy something!  ha ha ha) 

Unfortunately, it doesn't smell like cigars...it just smells like old :(

Box of 1989 baseball cards $1 for my husband.

The things I didn't leave with (these pictures are not from the fair, just the internet...I didn't take too many pictures at the fair :/ )

school desk--Some were $60...seen one place that had 2 for $25 each...I wish I need one :)

(photo courtesy of Education article)

50's table and chairs--didn't check the price, but it was in awesome condition

(photo courtesy of Retro Planet)

rolling server cart--the one I really liked was sold, so there wasn't a price

(photo courtesy of Moxie Thrift on Etsy)

card catalog--none at this fair, but so want one (not that I would have bought it though).

(photo courtesy of Poetic Home)

vintage camper--not for sale, but one of the booths had one as their "store front" :)

(photo courtesy of Cornbread and beans quilting)

But in all honesty, unless it fits in my office, I am sure my husband would be like "Where are you going to put that?"  ha ha ha.  Our "decor" is modern.  Heck, I had to negotiate to paint every room in the house a color--he wanted it all white! :D  But I do love looking and when I win the lottery, I can have as many themed rooms that I want...even if the 50's table is never seen :D


  1. Love the new blog layout!!!!!!!! OH my loved reading your post and it felt like I was their again!
    My right arm is so sore from holding all my goods. I'm so thankful you came across this fair and invited me! I had way to much fun in the short time I was with you guys!

    1. Thank you :) My arms were sore too from pulling the cart ha ha ha. Can't wait for the next time we get together...always a blast hanging out :)

  2. I forgot !!! I'm loving that basket ---- total score!

    enjoy typewriter!

    1. it was. I thought I overpaid (didn't know what they go for), but looking online it was a total score :D

  3. Nice purchases! I like Buck : )

    1. Thanks! Not sure what I am going to do with him now ha ha ha.

  4. I think both you and Jossie did great! At least you also got an extra ribbon to go with Buck.:) Before we go to the next one, we need to do some conditioning, haha! I'll bring my granny cart, too!

    1. So both the ribbon in the typewriter and the "extra" ribbon were used :/ but luckily I found some online (I love the internet!)

      Can't wait for the next time...it was fun just browsing :D


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