Sunday, September 15, 2013

Project Life~Weeks 25-28a (February)

It's been a while since I've posted about my Project Life because I am behind.  I actually finished February in June, but hadn't posted it. :/

The first 2 days of week 24 were January, so I was still focused on my resolutions.  Since it was easier for me to take pictures of "themed" months, I used February as a month of "Things/People I Love".

Week 24


Wednesday - Fat Free Creamer (Health)
Thursday - Making the Varsity team (Health)
Friday - Love for Instagram
Saturday - Love for Pinterest
Sunday - Love for Friends (SuperBowl Party)
Monday - Love for my Uncle--Hate for Cancer :(
Tuesday - Love for Happy Mail :D

Week 25

(theme for the week was cameras)

Wednesday - Love for my SLR
Thursday - Love for my D50
Friday - Love for my D300
Saturday - Love for the Giants World Series wins
Sunday - Love for my iPhone camera
Monday - Love for my underwater camera
Tuesday - Love for my uncle's all manual camera

Week 26

Wednesday - Love for Traveling (and guide books)

Thursday - My Valentine (husband)
Friday - Love for Starbucks
Saturday - Love for my son 
Sunday - Love for my daughter
Monday - Love for "autobiography" books
Tuesday - Love for reading books on my phone and iPad

Week 27

Wednesday - Love for Linkin Park

Thursday - Love for Christina Aguilera

Friday - Love for my sister-like aunt
Saturday - Love for Duran Duran!!
Sunday - Love for 50 First Dates
Monday - Love for Grease
Tuesday - Love for The Notebook

Week 28a

Wednesday - Love for my Scrapbooks
Thursday - Love for yarn
Friday - (March 1)--Husband traveling

Thanks for looking.  Hopefully I will get in a groove and finish this PL before the end of the year.  I have pictures printed through June...I just have to journal.  I also have pictures for July & August, but I need to get some printer ink (or send them off to be printed).


  1. Nice pages girlfriend!! You have soo many cameras! So cool to see your pages you inspire me to think outside the box! Love the use of movies.

    1. Thank you. Since I was doing the picture a day...I didn't dress up the cards and pictures too much, but it will be fun to look back at that year :)


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